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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of Summer Challenge Final Weigh-In

I didn't have time to do this post from home this morning...I'm at work now, so I didn't have time to download the badge for our challenge or my scale pic.  The scale said 253 lbs this morning, so I'm down 3 lbs from the weekend, but still up 5 lbs from last Friday's weigh-in. 

I can't wait to hear how the rest of you did!!  Make sure you all check in with me today and leave me your final #'s, so I can reveal the winner tomorrow morning and have the $50 gift certificate sent to you!

Some of you inquired about Dwayne in your comments to my last post, wondering why he isn't more supportive.  This is kind of hard to explain.  He's actually VERY supportive of my eating lifestyle.  As I stated in my last post, he would have been more than happy to go out and get me whatever I wanted over the weekend.  The problem was/is with me in most cases.  In situations where I can't do for myself, I don't like to be a burden anymore than is necessary, so I cave and tell him to just pick up whatever...many times that means something for us to share, and Dwayne is not on the healthy eating path.

I've been with Dwayne for 6 years.  He has weighed the exact same thing since I met him....230 lbs and he's 6 ft. tall.  He's got a little belly on him, but really has no interest in losing any weight.  He tells me his doctor tells him he needs to lose 50 lbs and get down to 180.  He says he knows he needs to...but does nothing to work on it.  He hates vegetables.  Hates them.  I've tried many times to get him to eat them many different ways but to no avail.  He just refuses.  He will eat fruit...a lot of different kinds, so that's a plus.  Many times we have fresh fruit together as a snack or a dessert.  I got him to eat a chicken burger once, but he wasn't too impressed and hasn't eaten another one since, so now when I make burgers with him, I just use the leanest ground beef possible, and he's fine with that. 

He does like whole wheat bread and buns....we hardly ever eat white bread anymore, unless it's a planned splurge.  He used to drink Diet Coke only....now he drinks mostly water, with a Coke or ginger ale on the weekends.  Before I moved to the apt, when I lived much further away from him and only saw him from Fri night to Sat night, about a 24 hour time period....we would do a lot of grilling.  That was working out great for my eating plan, and it was something he really enjoyed, too.  Now that I'm in the apartment, I see him 5-6 days a week, and we're not allowed to grill.  It's against the fire code.  Things have gotten a lot tougher to work around with my eating plan, and his non-existent eating plan.  Another thing that is difficult is he's on a schedule of eating 2x a day.  He eats around 10am....usually 2 chicken biscuits from Chic-Fil-A that he takes to work with him....and again at 6pm when he gets home from work.  He likes granola bars, so sometimes he'll have one of those as a snack at work.  And that's it.

As you all know, I'm accustomed to eating 5-6x a day.  It keeps me from getting too hungry...and I think it revs the metabolism, and more of the food is burned as fuel and not stored.  When I only eat 2x a day, as I did this past weekend, I feel like I'm starving by the time we eat...I eat way more volume than I need, and it ends up sitting in my stomach like a rock and I feel gross and lethargic.  That kind of eating schedule just annoys the hell out of me. 

The grilling thing was really working well for us...I felt like I had hit the jackpot by finding a way we could both eat and enjoy it.  He'd stand out at the grill for an extra 30-45 mins, grilling up some extra chicken, veggies, etc just for me, so I could have it to eat for the next couple of days.  He knew it was a healthy option for me, and he liked "helping out" in that way.  But right now we don't have that option and it's really put a kink in things.

Dwayne has a weird texture issue when it comes to food.  The reason he doesn't like most veggies has more to do with texture than it does taste.  He says cucumbers don't really have much taste, but he hates the seeds.  I baked a pork tenderloin one night, and he wouldn't eat because he said the texture of the baked meat was "weird".  I'm one of those old-fashioned girls who likes to cook for her guy, and likes to enjoy my meals with him.  I don't like us to each do our own thing.  If I cook something he doesn't like, I feel guilty if he doesn't like it and his dinner ends up being a bag of potato chips.  He's always appreciative, always thanks me 2 or 3 times each time I cook, and never, ever complains about any of my food.  That makes me want to make him happy even more. 

So we just clash when it comes to our eating and I haven't yet figured out what to do about it.  I'm also not used to seeing him as often as I do now, so it comes into play even more now that it ever has.  It's something I'm constantly trying to work around and will keep at it until I find a happy medium.  :)


  1. That is a challenge in itself, to find something that is both healthy and texture-appropriate. LOL Congratulations on the weight loss this week! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Kinda new to this blogging thing and mostly I lurk but wanted to suggest maybe getting a George Foreman or similar type grill to help you out in that area.

  3. Every Monday my husband says he's on a diet, and every Monday he says next Monday he'll be on a diet... Ugh!

  4. Ugh! My husband is a PITA when it comes to food. I have finally learned to eat what I am going to eat, when I am going to eat it and I leave him to eat what he wants, when he wants to eat it. It is the only way I can stay sane through all of this. lol

    Have you considered an electric grill? You can get larger ones that are kind of like a gas grill, cook food really nicely and don't have the whole flame thing to worry about. I have to say it is just wrong that grilling isn't allowed where you live!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle!! I have the worst luck with sprained ankles and I know exactly how it feels. I'm 236 this morning which is a total of 10 lbs. for the challenge. I'll take it but ready to do more!!!

  6. Your situation with Dwayne sounds similar to my situation with Bryan, in that we both have totally different eating habits. Bryan is NOT a healthy eater and has no desire to be. He is big into meat and potatoes and quite the chef so he's always trying to cook really good yet fattening stuff for the family. Our eating habits and needs are drastically different. I have realized that I just have to do my own thing in order for my plan to work and let him do his. He loves to grill so he cooks for himself most nights. Or, I cook two dinners, one for me and one for him. The one thing that helps me is that he likes to eat late and I like to eat early. So, at least I don't have to look at all the yummy stuff he's eating! But sometimes I get slack and give into temptation..as you will see on my latest blog post..

  7. Do you have a George Forman type grill that would allow you to grill indoors? I know how hard it is to try and make the right choices when the person you're with can and does eat anything and everything without any regard for calories.

    I wasn't able to reach the 10 pound loss goal for August but I got close. I'm up over 200 again but not for long.

    Thanks for hosting the challenge. It was fun.

    Here's my final challenge post: http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2010/08/end-of-end-of-summer-challenge.html

  8. I trust you figure out a way to make it work eventually, Tammy. Although I do feel bad for you that Dwayne isn't more receptive to healthy eating. I remember with my ex, he would never eat healthy on his own, but if I cooked, most of the time it would be healthy stuff, and he would eat it 90% of the time without a problem. Maybe Dwayne will become less picky eventually...?

    As far as the grilling goes, you could try an electric grill. It might not be as good, but it will be as healthy.

  9. Hey Tammy - One thing is clear to me over the time you've been blogging and we've emailed...Dwayne loves you and is devoted to you. So many of us have partners who conplicate food and meal planning. I'm lucky that my husband is happy with bologna or flank steak, loves vegetables and thinks I'm a great cook. He's 6' tall and has weighed 165 for the last 10 years and 155 prior. Total lean machine. ARGH! Anyway, congrats on the loss of the pounds. Today I was 208.5...up 1.5 from Friday. Crapola - I just plain ate too much stuff on Sunday, then we had donuts at work yesterday and I ate 2! Just smack me. Anyway - I've never been a contender in the challenge, but it has made me get on the scale on the requisite days which is a good thing because when I know I've been "bad", I can easily not weigh.

    It's looking like I'm coming to Atl Oct 13-17 or 18. I need to talk with the fam down there and make sure it works and then I'm booking a reservation. Hugs!

  10. Hiya Tammy!

    My weighin on Aug 1st was: 388.6
    My weighin on Aug 31st is: 382.4
    Total loss: -6.2 lbs

    Thanks for the challenge!

  11. Hi Tammy. My weight for the end of the challenge is 255.4. I wish I had of worked just a tad harder so that I could have lost that .4 so I would have lost 10 but 9.6 is pretty good in my book. Thanks for the challenge. I was going to have one for September but I've been so busy at work and had a rough few days. We lost our second golden retriever in 11 months. Our first one was 16 and this one was 12 1/2. I'm heartbroken and just haven't felt like doing much. I'm going to try real hard to get one going for October, so I hope I can count you in. I'll have to think up something. The hardest part will be making a badge. LOL! I'm not too good at that. Anyway, take care!

  12. oh my gosh..my husband has the texture issue too and in fact, you described his eating plan pretty close. Chickfila biscuits in the am (I love them too but not the calories and sodium). Then maybe he'll grab a burger mid day , and then his main meal in the evening. No veggies, plenty of fruit.