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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pick Up Your Challenge Badge!

Tina at Fat Girl Dives In was kind and gracious enough to take time out of her hectic schedule to create a badge for our challenge...which by the way, is the FIRST challenge she's ever participated in...YAY!!!!

I finally got the internet and cable working last night but have yet to find the time to post my scale pic from Sunday morning....it's on my list of things to do tonight when I get home from work!  It's 7:52am here in Hotlanta and my desk is already piled high with work...time to get the day started!  :)


  1. I've got mine posted on my blog!

    Thanks again for doing this challenge, and thank you Tina for making the badge!

    Let's go, losers! hee hee :)


  2. That is a cool badge. I hope you are able to get something done and not melt at your desk!


  3. I just posted the badge on my diet blog. I put my start weight in there too. I weigh in every Wednesday but will email you as well!