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Monday, August 2, 2010


Good morning my dear blogging friends!!!!!

Did everyone get started on their challenge yesterday and take a pic of the scale reading???

A HUGE thank you to Pam for doing that post for me....I was so busy with moving this wknd and she saved the day for me! 

Good news is I'm all moved in and COMPLETELY UNPACKED!!!!!  Amazing!

Bad news is, I moved to a really OLD apartment complex and the floors are wavy, which gave me funky scale readings.  I weighed yesterday morning and was going to post the pic online yesterday evening but we had a thunderstorm and our internet and cable went out...in fact, they're still out this morning.  But it doesn't really matter because thanks to my wavy floor, I got 3 different scale readings this morning. 

I can't remember exactly, but I think yesterday's reading was 254.2...I'll post the pic this evening hopefully when I get home.  However...I got up this morning and weighed and it said 250.8.  Then I got a shower and weighed again just to be certain I dropped some water weight, and it said I was 254.6.  WHOA!!  Then I realized it must be the floor....so I moved the scale to the kitchen, and it said 256.0....then I moved it to the foyer right as you come in my front door and it said 257.4.  DAMN!  lol.

So.....I guess it's a good thing I'm not in the running for the gift certificate, because I can't seem to get reliable numbers!  What I'll do is take the # from yesterday's scale pic, then use the foyer to do all of my weigh-ins, so that at least it'll be consistent if I weigh in the same each week. 

I'll admit that yesterday, Day One, wasn't too hot.  I had to spend all day unpacking, finding stuff, and organizing and then had to go grocery shopping....but I'm all set up now!  I baked some chicken breasts last night and got up this morning to make one of my fave low-cal breakfasts....egg whites scrambled with 3 oz. of baked chicken breast with onions, bell pepper, and fresh mushrooms.  I'm back to not salting my food at home again, so I stirred in a little yellow mustard at the end for color and flavor...delish! 

I also packed my lunch and snacks for the day.  I brought some tuna salad made with a little light mayo, mostly mustard, onions, boiled eggs, tuna and dill pickle on a Thomas Everything bagel thin (LOVE those things!).  I brought a Fuji apple, a peach, and some baby carrots for snacking....and a tomato to slice and put on my tuna salad bagel.  Day Two is looking good so far..having a cup of decaf coffee now with Stevia as my sweetener (zero cals) and 1 Tbsp of Coffee-mate creamer.....then it's time to start chugging the water!

I hope everyone else is off to a great start....if you've joined the challenge, please leave a comment today letting me know and tell me what you're starting weight is.  I'll pop over to the blog of each comment I receive and make a list of everyone that's participating....and will check your scale pic on the last day of the challenge as well to see who the winner is.  The other thing I plan on doing is posting who's in the lead each week so you know who you have to beat!!  I hope everyone's up for a little friendly competition, because I plan on beating all of you, lmao!!  Don't worry....I didn't make myself eligible for the $50 g.c., so happy spending to whoever EARNS it!!!  :)


  1. Hi - My starting weight was 209, and the pic is on my yesterday post. I am ready for this in a big way (weigh) esp. since I'll be seeing the eternally skinny in-laws (and you!) in 3 weeks. Wish I could lop off a roll of belly flab! That would speed things up.

    Re: your scale...that's a definite drag about the floor. I guess you're going to have to leave it one place...I cracked up reading the progression up the scale as you moved it from room to room! I wanted to scream "STOP!"

  2. Glad to hear you all moved in. That must be such a great feeling!!

    Love the Everything bagel thins too. YUM!

    I hope your challenge goes great. You can do it!

  3. WOW what funky readings! Maybe get a small board and set the scale on it and leave it? Anyway....my starting weight is 309.8 -- the pic is forthcoming...haven't downloaded it yet (sorry!)...but the post was up yesterday! : )

  4. Glad to hear you are done...just in time to go back to work!! I'm in for the challenge. This will be the first one I've ever participated in! I'm posting my scale pic now! (barf) I'll design a banner for the challenge hopefully some time today!!

  5. Bummer...quit moving the scale! I hate that they can be so tricky! Have a great week.

  6. I'm also an Atlanta blogger. I found your blog through Tina's new post! I'm looking forward to starting the challenge too! :-)

  7. PS - You've done absolutely amazing! So inspiring. :)

  8. I'm in :) Starting weight yesterday was 172.8 and the picture is on my blog post from yesterday. BTW I had to track back and see what my starting weight was on your last challenge back in April and I was happy to see it was 188 - Made me feel good to see how far I've come already. Hope you have a great day!

  9. Congrats on getting all moved in! Moving and unpacking is the worst thing to me. I hate it. You did good. :)

    My starting weight for August first is 388.6. I've got my scale pic posted on my blog.

    Thanks for the challenge! :)


  10. You're so sweet! No one who's lost 102 pounds can say they haven't accomplished anything. :) Keep me in the loop about the meet up. Would LOVE to. Tina and I keep talking about getting together. Would love to make it happen! :)

  11. I just found your blog, and what fun! You have a great attitude, and I will enjoy reading of your on-going sagas. Keep up the good work, which isn't always easy (as you know). I'm not quite two weeks into my own journey (2nd weigh-in is tomorrow), but you are proof it can be done! Congratulations on a super-fast move/unpack chore too. Enjoy the new place!