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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dang It!

Guess what I forget everytime I start a challenge??  My stupid cycle!!  I had some cramps in the beginning of the week and then forgot about them...too much other stuff at work to deal with than to focus on the cramps.  Then I decided to jump on the scale this morning to see how things are going...knowing I've done pretty well, and only saw a 1 lb. loss for the week.  Huh?  Should have been at least 2 lbs by now!  Then I get to work and notice my lower stomach is feeling really heavy and uncomfortable today...then I go to the bathroom and finally REALIZE why the weight isn't dropping as it should this week....STUPID CYCLE!!!  GRRRRRR!!!  I really, really hate this part of womanhood.  Yeah, yeah...I know all about the cycle of life and what a blessing it's supposed to be and all that.  Well it's a load of crap to me, lol.  I hate it...always have and always will.  So anyhoo.....that's what I'm dealing with this week, and maybe next.  I've stated before how screwed up my body is in that my cycle generally lasts at least one full week, but more often two weeks.  It's a curse.  I wonder if that will change when I reach goal weight....I've heard a lot of excess weight can affect your monthly cycle....how heavy it is and how long it hangs around, etc.  What a blessing that would be if getting to a normal weight would lead to other normal things!   Sorry about the TMI post but that's just the way it is around here....ALL REAL.  :)


  1. Ugh, I understand completely! Periods are the worst. There's no doubt about it. Mine totally screws me up as well. Hopefully afterwards you will see like 5 lbs gone. lol :)

  2. I always put on when it is my TOM - yuck!!
    You are doing great to still show a loss for the week.
    You will love the Dekalb Market if it is the one on Ponce - we go every couple of months but mostly in winter somehow. You will need a couple of hours to check out all the departments and it is always crazy crowded on w/e's.
    Would love to get together with you guys - let me know what you plan :)

  3. Don't have to worry about THAT anymore!

  4. I think that might be what's wrong with me right now, that "something" is looming in the not so distant future, but with my screwed up hormones right now, who knows?
    I wouldn't worry too much about it, because you know it happens and you know there is nothing you can do about it. There is always the next week! ; )

  5. Ugh,I hear ya! My cycle just ended today and it screwed up last weeks weigh in! Hang in there!!!