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Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving Madness

Quick post! I finally got all the cleaning done in the apt so I won't have to come back and do anything later. The movers called today and left me a voicemail saying they didn't get all their moves done today, so they're pushing me back in the morning and doing one ahead of me. Grrrrrrrr!! I'm so pissed about this...but it's totally out of my control (probably why I'm so pissed). Everything's done....just waiting on them to get here tomorrow...WHENEVER THAT IS!!! I'm very proud of myself that despite my mostly empty refrigerator, I planned well enough to stay under 1500 calories today. Woo Hoo! I don't have my food planned out for tomorrow at all due to no real schedule, so I'll just do the best I can. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend...be back soon! :)


  1. Good luck on your move and the flexibility to try to remain on caloric intake control.

    I know for me shifts in the plan just throw me off and likely just that stress would be hard to deal with with out the comfort of some chinese food!!!

    But I try to remember that what ever hole it is that I'm trying to fill with food, first isn't a food hole, and second while it may sedate it a bit in the end it will add to it.

    good luck moving!

    At foolsfitness moving is going from the tv to the fridge- Alan

  2. Hi Tammy - Wishing you well and hoping you will soon be properly moved in! Moving is very tiring and hard work so do take care of yourself!

  3. Oh that would make me mad too!!
    Hope all goes well when they finally get to you.

    Best wishes


  4. Good luck!! Hope those darn movers show up SOON!!!!!!

  5. I hope the movers come first thing!

  6. So, it's Sunday morning, and I am guessing that by now you are climbing over boxes, trying to figure out which one looks like the one that had the coffee maker in it :)
    Congratulations on the weigh in !!!! To keep your focus with all the chaos swirling around is just SUPER ! Keep it up ! Not only are you building the muscle to get through it, but also the stamina to sustain!

  7. Tammy, you do so well. I really love blogging with you. Can't wait to see your new post...good luck on unpacking!