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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy As A Bee

Mom showed up at 9am this morning with her van and we loaded that thing to the gills. Also threw some stuff in my car and hauled it all up to the new place and unloaded it. Ran by the salon and got my face waxed (part of the fun of having PCOS) and did a little grocery shopping for some healthy junk. I came home and did a ton of laundry, vacuumed all the floors (the carpet cleaning guy is coming in the morning), and got started on washing all of my baseboards...just need to finish up in my bedroom. Cooked dinner and ate, laid down across my bed to play with my puppy Scarlette...and woke up 2 hours later, lol. I was completely zonked. I woke up at 8:45 and made some decaf coffee. I have this weird thing of wanting to eat right when I wake up after a nap, so I grabbed coffee because dinner pretty much used up the rest of my calories for the day. As Sean says, my calorie bank doesn't have an ATM. :)

Finally got rid of the drowsy haze that follows a long nap (I hate those) and strapped on my tennis shoes. Walked down to the fitness center and jumped on my nemesis, the treadmill. I knocked out 2 miles in 30 minutes and drug myself back home. Fat Tammy was trying to skip the treadmill because I did all that moving this morning.....up and down those dang stairs...was trying to call that "good enough". But Skinny Tammy knew that I rested from the treadmill yesterday due to aching joints and my screwed up lower back, so it was time to get back on. I never allow myself to stay off of it more than one day in a row. That would just be bad business.

Fixing to hit the shower and and then lay down and pray for sleep. Insomnia is a b*tch. Back up early to pick up the baby's toys for the carpet cleaning guy. I've got a play date with my niece Carla tomorrow...the one I call Ladybug. We're going to hang out at the new house tomorrow and play with her toys. Quality time with my babies is important. I'm going to get a lot better at that once I get moved and get back into some sort of normal routine. I wish that routine included a dang job. :(

Quote For The Day:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Hi Tammy,

    I think that brilliant, going the gym after all that moving and cleaning..It shows your motivation is high.

    I love the fact you calorie bank has no ATM :)
    It's a good way of looking at looking at your calorie allowance. "Thinking..I need to shift my ideas"

    Good luck with your move, is it this weekend?

    best wishes


  2. Whoo, sounds like you had a hectic day! But that's good, I think it's one of the secrets of naturally thin people--moving around a lot in just your normal routine.

  3. It sounds like a super busy day! Good for you on listening to Skinny Tammy, who knows that the treadmill loves her!!

    Take care, and I hope you find a job soon!

  4. Gotta love those playdates. We're doing one today, too. I think I pick my kids friends based on how well I like the mothers. If I'm going to sit around all morning, I'm going to do it with someone I like. Am I right? What will I do when my kids start picking their own friends. Yikes!

  5. Love your quotes for the day...I have been following you through sean and your story is amazing you are a very caring person with a big heart, so glad to have you as a bud...dont get discouraged, you are doing GREAT!!

  6. You are a busy bee!! Great job on managing a workout after all that other work! I know you will get a job soon. As someone who is also job hunting in Atlanta, I'm starting to see some signs of life out there! Take care!!

  7. What a wonderful post you've written here! You are so right! The Calorie Bank and Trust Company is really old school---no ATM's--you can't even write a check. Cash only transactions, uh---I mean, Calorie only transactions!
    Great job on the workout on top of the work with the moving. You burned a bunch of energy my friend, very nice.
    I love your attitude, your compassion, your writing, your honesty...It's just a nice read---and I can spot in you what it takes to zero in on and get to where you're headed in a timely manner.
    You're a winner at this losing stuff!

    My best always

  8. Hi Tammy - Just found your site and really enjoying it! Love the "Fat Tammy" v "Skinny Tammy" rules - what a great way to see it. Wishing you health and happiness in your new place.

  9. Ha - I love that you listened to "Skinny" Tammy! Keep up the good work! :D

  10. you go girl! sounds like me yesterday... I SOOOO wanted to skip my 5K, but i had skipped it on Tuesday, due to achiness - so i did it VERY grudgingly yesterday. And was thankful afterwards that I did. Onwards and DOWNwards we go!