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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rockin' It

Since my weigh in yesterday morning, and my ensuing disappointment in myself, the eating for yesterday and today have been stellar. I rock. Feeling good about my choices and staying under my calorie limits, drinking tons of water, pushing myself on the treadmill.

In fact, today Dwayne and I were out and about, away from home, taking care of stuff for the move at the end of the month, and it was about 3:30. I was soooo ready for a snack, and really needed to eat something to keep the metabolism fired up. We stopped by a convenience store on the way to Home Depot. Finding a decent snack calorie-wise in a convenience store? Yeah right. But I was determined! I need a loss this week!

I kept picking up things and reading labels, taking too long, and Dwayne was getting aggravated. He finally asked me what I was doing, and I told him. This dang snack bag of Doritos is 500 calories! The little pack of mixed nuts is 600!
He said, exasperated, "Baby, look where we're at. You're not going to find a snack in this store for under 500 calories...Gimme a break. Just grab something and let's go." Well that irritated me, I'm the one that needs to lose the weight...not him...so he can shut up and wait.

I kept looking and finally found a pack of crackers for 250 calories...and next to those found a tiny bag of Combos (those pretzel thingies w/ the fake cheese in the middle) that were 230 calories. Aha! Success!! I waved them in his face, he rolled his eyes at me, and we got up to the register. And what do I spy as I'm getting ready to pay for my itty bitty bag of 230 calorie Combos? A basket with small granny smith apples and little boxes of Sunmaid raisins. YES!! IN YOUR FACE, DWAYNE!! lol Yes, I know I'm a dork, but making the best choice on my eating is the priority, not his schedule. So I got my fruit and we were now happily on our way.

Dwayne got some chocolate chip cookies and some Combos and as we were driving down the road, he tried to make nice, and offered me some of his Combos. It seemed like he felt bad that I "had" to eat fruit when he was eating yummier stuff. He knows I do not care for apples, they're one of my least favorite fruits. He even told me they were "diet" Combos, lol, trying to get me to accept his peace offering. I politely declined and merrily munched on my apple...so, so proud of myself.

I had originally planned on cooking some shrimp and crab legs for dinner when we got home. My local grocery store, Publix, has been having some fantastic sales on their seafood this summer and seafood is my absolutely favorite food in the entire world. Love it. Well, my dinner plans didn't work out.

We had a long, tiring day of hauling a load of stuff to the new house, then going to Home Depot shopping for chicken wire, then bringing it back and stapling it up to the inside of the fence, over 160 feet worth, to keep my puppy from slipping through the slats in the picket fence and escaping like she did last week. It was hot, sweaty, dirty work. The wire tears up your hands when trying to unroll it, and having to cut it with wire cutters, etc. To sum it up, it was a total pain in the rump. A lot of bending, up and down, crawling under rose bushes, etc. and we were sooooo sore and just worn out by the time we were done. Dwayne took one look at me and knew I wasn't cooking dinner, lol.

So....his suggestion was our local pizza joint, Mellow Mushroom. They have some of the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life...and knew not to even suggest that to me after what we went through just to get me a snack today, lol. He suggested a calzone for him stuffed with sauce, mozzarella cheese, italian sausage and pepperoni. (I'm starting to drool again)...and a large Greek salad for me w/ grilled chicken (apparently he HAS been paying attention).

At first I declined because I wanted something a little more filling than a salad. Then I did a 180. I decided a low calorie salad was exactly what I needed to complete my 2nd day this week of awesome eating. I ordered it with one serving of grilled chicken on the top, dressing on the side, and REALLY light on the feta cheese....they can get crazy with that stuff. I had 650 calories available for dinner so this was perfect. Again.....so proud of myself. Day 2 completed and I'm going strong.

Then Mom called. She reminded me that tomorrow is the family reunion...the one on her side of the family. I had forgotten all about it. I told her I doubted I'd be able to go with her like I usually do, only because I was completely exhausted, covered in dirt and sweat, and all I wanted was a shower and my yummy salad. I felt like I could sleep for the next 2 days....joints and lower back were killing me. It didn't even hit me til a couple of hours later that it was a FAMILY REUNION. Meaning, some of the best-tasting, fattening, calorie-laden foods that have ever been squeezed onto a table before. I have got some darn good cooks in my family. OH......DEAR......LORD.

After I realized what kind of danger zone I'd be entering, I thought about it for about an hour before I called her back. I decided to go. I enjoy spending the time with my family....many of them I only see once a year at this reunion. I told myself I'm going to have to curb my neurosis about the food at some point, and will have to LEARN how to deal at these kinds of things...not just completely avoid them. The only way to do that is to go.

Of course, I'm sure you all know how completely nerve-racked I am about going. In pre-planning in my mind, I tried to leave most of my calories for the day tomorrow for the reunion at noon. I'll have a couple of hundred for breakfast to kick in the metabolism. I'll hit the treadmill before I even leave the house, again, for the sake of the metabolism. And I went ahead and took some fish out of the freezer and put it in the frig for tomorrow night's dinner, knowing that's low calorie. I have a medley of veggies in the frig that I steamed last night to go with the fish.

Pray for me, lol. The goal is to eat 1 plate....not my normal 2 at an event like this. My 2nd goal is to make at least half of what's on my plate vegetables...leaving less room for all the really good stuff. My 3rd goal is to drink only water....as I normally use something like this as an excuse to drink all the Coke I can hold. I have no idea why, I'm just weird like that.

So...it's time for rest...I hope the insomnia takes a break tonight and lets me sleep. I sure could use some. The quote I'm giving you tonight is one Mom told me several weeks ago, and I will be running it through my head at the reunion tomorrow. :)

Quote For The Day:

"Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels." -Anonymous


  1. Love that quote. It's pretty much my mantra if I'm wanting to pig out on something I know I shouldn't.

    Glad to hear you're going strong again! Make it three days in a row and be good tomorrow. Just know that you will be so much happier with yourself at the end of the day if you can say you restrained and made good choices. Good luck!

    Oh, by the way, did you ever receive those DVDS?

  2. Tammy, Way to go on the good choices! And sticking to your guns under pressure (to find a snack fast) is really awesome. Family things are so hard with all the food. I think your 1 plate plan is a good one. Maybe after your 1 plate is gone you could have a mission to find out one interesting fact for each person there in order to distract you from the food. My brother-in-law turns 50 next week & we're having a big to-do & I'm already thinking about all the food. I really hope at some point these group outings will get easier, ya know?

  3. Good luck today, it sounds like your gonna need it...pulling for you!!

    Good job today and way to stick it to the man...LOL


  4. I like that you said, "I rock!" You are working your plan, and you took the time to find the food item you wanted! Excellent job.

    Hope Sunday is more relaxing for you.


  5. Great snack choice. I spent two hundred twenty calories on Corn Nuts yesterday while we were driving to the concert...not the best choice, but it was a choice and it fit in my budget...Oh---and I love those things.
    You'll do great at the Reunion---I know you will. Enjoy the family, the environment, the stories told by loved ones. Enjoy those things more than the buffet--and you'll be great. Still enjoy the buffet, acting as if you're a responsible eating person--I think your strategy is a brilliant one.
    You got this Tammy. Of course you're reading this after the event---But oh well...
    You'll do fantastic---or did, have done fantastic!!

    My best always

  6. Way to go on an awesome calorie day!!!
    And hope all goes well at the reunion! I feel your pain on this one, but you're going in with a plan of action and determination. I know you can totally do it!!! The one plate rule has been totally saving me at all of these potluck shindigs I 've been at lately.
    I had to laugh at your story of Dwayne and watching you search high and low for a proper snack. A couple of weeks ago I was starving when Doug and I were out running errands and all we had available was a bag of flavored rice cake minis. I looked at all the calorie information first, and then carefully counted out the 15 or so of them to make a single serving and set them in the empty cup holder, and then buried the bag in the trunk. Doug was looking at me like I had lost my mind!