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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Society Sucks

I hate people. Lol. Not all people...but a lot of them. There are large parts of society that I disagree with, for several different reasons. One of the reasons being from the political aspect, but weight loss blogging is hardly the venue for me to express my views on that. If I ever start a political blog I think I'll name it "The Rabid Republican". :)

The part of society that has pissed me off this weekend is the part that judges people based on their weight. I said early on in this blog that food addiction is the only one that's not accepted by society. Fat = gross. You can be addicted to 9 different illegal substances and drink enough alcohol in your life to drown a small nation and we'll open our arms and our hearts and put you in the best rehab place we can find, patting you on the back, sympathizing with you while you fight your demons, and praise you for every day you resist temptation. But if you're fat...or better yet, obese....well you're not worth our time, trouble, sympathies or praise.

Yesterday Dwayne and I were moving some stuff to the new house. While driving down the road we were listening to one of our local rock stations on the radio and during a commercial break, the female dj came on and said that she had read something that "really disgusted" her. She read that 2/3 of Americans are obese. "How gross is that?!?!" I immediately felt the sting...embarassed in front of Dwayne, sitting there in all my obesity...and I shot the radio a bird, said out loud, "Oh does that disgust you??? Well maybe you should KILL YOURSELF!!!" I was in defense mode because I was embarassed and ashamed. Not just in front of Dwayne...in front of all of society.

Dwayne said, "Baby...she's a stupid loud-mouth rock station radio dj who probably goes out 5x/week snorting coke and sleeping with everyone she meets. Her opinion doesn't count...don't let it get to you." My response to that is, "Unfortunately, as unimportant as she and her opinions may be, her voice represents a large part of society. She is not alone in her opinions...she just works in a venue where she's able to blast them over the radio waves." And then I got a little teary-eyed.

Dwayne pulled over into a parking lot, we got out of the truck, and he came around and gave me a big hug, holding me and kissing me, called me his "cutie", and told me how he knows I'm working my ass off to get healthy and he's proud of that. He told me to keep my eyes on the goal and to hell with the part of society that doesn't show compassion and feels the need to judge....that I shouldn't give people like that the time of day.

He's right. I shouldn't have given that girl the power to ruin my day or rule my thoughts with negativity. I shouldn't have said maybe she should kill herself....that was over the top. I don't feel bad about shooting her a bird though. She at least deserved that much. I shook it off and Dwayne and I enjoyed the rest of our day together. But still....I will be so glad when who I am is not defined by society by the number on the scale. I am so much more. We all are.

Quote For The Day:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Great quote. I'm sorry you were hurt by that idiot's comments. Dwayne hit the nail on the head with a likely discription of her. Just image how shallow she probably is and how hollow heart and life must be. You have a mega-life compared to hers!

  2. I really think this is so prevelant because our weight is apparent to everyone we meet, and unfortunately, we are often judged on it.

    It makes me mad when I hear people judge others based on appearance. Sounds like Dwayne is just right for you!

  3. I hate when I get hit over the head by some idiot's ignorant opinion about fat people. I surround myself with my happy little supportive bubble and so it's all the more shocking when I'm rudely reminded that there are people (and so many of them) like that DJ. I just try to remember that when people are hurtful toward others it's usually because they hurt inside too...although that doesn't necessarily make me feel any better. :-)

  4. It's probably all my fault. I started this whole mess when I invented the "Yo mama so fat..." joke. It seemed harmless enough at the time, but things got out of control...

    My bad.

  5. He pulled over to give you a hug?
    Oh, Tammy, you are loved, girl!!!

    We, the people, who are larger in body may just be larger in heart & gumption as well. Remember that. <3
    Feel pity for her not anger. She needs it.

    These comments sting me too.

  6. Sorry you were hurt by that comment, but it's good you didn't let it ruin your day. It sounds like you have a really great guy, too. I think it's more sad that 2/3 of America is overweight or obese, not disgusting.

  7. That comment would have ticked me off too!
    I agree with you with regards to the instant judgement fat people get, and yet we as a society bend over backwards helping out and making excuses for addicts of everything from alcohol to drugs to gambling and on and on it goes..........
    How about the fact that serving sizes have increased dramatically over the years, and all those lovely little ingredients that get added to our food that we don't even need? Have you read "The Omnivore's Dilemma"? That was a bit of an eye opener, I highly recommend it. Not that I'm blaming anyone for my current dilemma of having to lose this weight. Obviously there are still skinny people out there that have managed to avoid these pitfalls, and nobody but me was in cahrge of putting food into my mouth, bit it still bears further thinking.
    And speaking of lovely ingredients, thank you for the very informative as well as very supportive comments you left for me today. I know, I know. Diet soda bad, I knew anyway, as I was feeling guilty about it. I had just started in down that road, so no more. The caffeine?? I'm cutting back on my morning coffee, two cups half reg- half decaf. Down from my 3 cups of regular. But then of course there is the whole debate about decaf coffee and how THAT is bad for you due to the whole process of taking the caffeine out. Ugh. But, that's probably another topic for another day.

  8. If 2/3 of Americans are obese, I would imagine she just offended 2/3 of her audience. And I'm sure she's daft enough to not get that.

    I think it's politically correct to hate fat. Sad but true.

    My neighbors have never been friendly to me--ever, but they have to hubby. We've lived here 11 years. I asked my hubby what it was that I did, and he suggested it was my weight. Did that ever sting. I think he's right.

    Dwayne sounds like a good man. Glad he was so supportive of you.

    People are people, and I wish society would just get over their judgments. If they're going to judge, judge on character. (That's what I do.) Obviously that DJ is lacking in that area.

  9. Great post. You caught the emotion perfectly.
    Dwayne sounds like a really smart guy.
    I hope for a day when people of any size will be respected.