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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holding My Breath

Weigh-in Eve. Oh the stress, lol. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am praying for at least 2 lbs. tomorrow morning. I don't want to expect too much for sure....but man I feel like I earned at least a 2 lb. loss. I am totally dreading the week a plateau hits. Don't let this week be it! I guess it doesn't really matter which week it is...I'm doing the same work, so it doesn't make a difference when it finally sneaks up and bites me. Been wondering what I'll do when it happens....what does everyone else do? Do you keep the same calorie amount each day or do you reduce it? Do you increase your daily exercise? Pam told me a while back that she hit one a while back and it lasted several weeks. That scares the living crap out of me....I want to be in Destin by next April!!!! At least by next summer....please God??!! PLEASE??!!

I finally got around tonight to checking some blogs of my newest followers. Melanie gave me an award and I didn't even know it!!!! Thanks Melanie...how sweet of you to think of me...and greatly appreciated! I also received another award today...from Brittany at Me vs. The Buffet. She has a homemade blog award, complete with fat rolls and a piece of fried chicken in her hand...lol...and I am the PROUD recipient!! Awesome!!

Dwayne called today and said he's taking the day off tomorrow and spending the whole day with me. Then he said, "Aren't you excited honey?!" While he was busy being excited, I was busy wondering how in the heck he was going to wreck my eating, lol. I told him of course I was excited....he's been looking for a "new" used car for about 3 months now and he wants to do some more looking tomorrow. I'll be so happy when he finally gets settled on something and we don't spend an ENTIRE day away from home and eating at fast food restaurants. Stresses me to no end. My current plan is to eat a piece of my 176 calorie breakfast casserole in the morning....and then pray we're at home around lunch time so I can make us some 350 calorie turkey burgers. Then there's always the fun of trying to figure out a dinner that both of us will eat....one that he will enjoy and not turn his nose up at....and one that I can eat guilt-free and still stay within my calorie budget. Here's his idea of food: Meat, Bad Carbs, Sweets, Absolutely NO VEGETABLES. Did I mention I'm stressed? lol

Well I think I'm all caught up on my blog reading and commenting for the day. Time to catch up on a little more laundry and a game of fetch with my baby puppy dog, Scarlette. I wish I could put pictures up. I really suck at this blogging thing, lol. Maybe I'll see if Pam can help me with some soon. She knows how AddAGadget-challenged I am. :)

Quote For The Day:

"I demolish my bridges behind me...then there is no choice but to move forward." -Firdtjof Nansen


  1. Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow - I hope you get the loss you want! I do change up my calorie intake every few weeks or so - increase it by a few hundred for 3-4 days, just to keep my body guessing and not go into a plateau. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that anytime soon.

  2. Enjoyed your post tremendously my friend!
    I wish you the best in the morning. Do not fret--whatever you receive---it will be good.
    You're doing exactly what you should be doing---if the numbers don't excite you---just be patient---they will---they really will.
    Just keep on doing this every single day.

    You're incredible.
    my best

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Breath my girl breath...
    I really hope you get your 2lb's loss and enjoy your day with Dwayne.

    One of the awful parts of trying to lose weigh is the fear of socialising. You should be looking forward to spending time with your BF not dreading it:(

    If I know I am going to be socialising I try to save calories for days out or meals out. Or if I over induluge unexpectedly, shave some off for a couple of days following.

    It looks like we are hoping to get to our targets around the same time, you April, me March. Maybe we could team up as "health seeking buddies"?

    Enjoy your day




  4. Good luck today on the weigh in hope you get the two pound loss you are hoping for...Im sure you did you have done pretty good this week...and have fun with Dwayne Good luck with the food choices and fast-food...

  5. Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow and spending the day with Dwayne!

  6. no more weigh in eve---its weigh in DAY.

    and have a good one no matter what the metal tells you.

    rememebr that, as your profile says :), youre finally moving in the right direction no MATTER THE NUMBER keep on keepin' on.


  7. Sending 2 pound loss karma your way Tammy!! Hope the day doesn't get too stressful eating wise, I know the feeling!
    Also, you are NOT the only gadget challenged person in blogland. TRUST ME. I am clueless more often than not. The blathering on and on part I've got down, but all the fancy stuff on the side, not so much!lol

  8. Good Luck on your weight in today! When I hit plateaus, I try to remind myself of all the things I still did right, even though it didn't translate into a loss. Like, I went to a party and there was wine but I didn't have any. I did the right thing. And that makes me feel better.