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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bad Eating Weekend....BAD

Gotta' make this a short post...its 12:30am, and I need to head to bed soon so I can get up early and have Baby Scarlette at the groomer's for her appointment. By the way, my precious little baby puppy dog turned 1 year old today...still a baby...but she'll always be Momma's baby. :)

What can I say about eating this weekend? I suck. That pretty much sums it up. I really hate that I can't be perfect and do everything right down to the letter. I really hate being a stupid human full of flaws, lol.

Friday I ate heatlhy stuff all day...counted all the calories....and I ate too many of them. For dinner, Dwayne and I went out to a restaurant and I decided I needed a hamburger and fries since I haven't had either since I started my travels 8 weeks ago. Trying to be responsible, I cut the hamburger in half, and separated the fries into 2 even piles. I ate half the burger and threw the other half away. I ate half the fries, and threw the other half away. Still way too many calories for the entire day, because I'd eaten too many before I even got to dinner. Just kept snacking. Damn that snacking.

Saturday was a total bust. No binge...no mega buffets or anything like that. Just no structure to my day whatsoever. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a total control freak, and I had no control over how today went. Makes me crazy and throws me off with my food decisions and calorie counting. In short, it pisses me off.

Dwayne has been car shopping for something used for 3 months now. It's wearing on me. I really thought he was ready to buy something this weekend, and we headed out early. We spent most of the day visiting car lots and test driving cars, and even ended up at a desk talking numbers at the last dealership we visited. Then he decided he just wasn't ready and we left. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!

Ate too much again today. I only have 2 small, tiny victories to report for today, but I lost the battle overall. I got on the treadmill right after breakfast this morning and walked 1.5 miles. Not the 2 miles I had worked up to, but it was something. The 2nd tiny thing was...I made some lean boneless pork ribs for dinner and finally made my Grandma's recipe for baked mac'n'chz that I haven't had in the last 8 weeks (Dwayne's favorite dish of mine). My roommate Shane and his girlfriend ended up going to her house, so they didn't eat dinner with us and I had nearly a whole casserole dish of that mac'n'chz and some pork ribs left over.

In order to get it out of my house (I didn't even want the leftovers in my house for Shane to eat the next day, because my eating had already been so poor this weekend), I told Dwayne to go ahead and head out earlier than usual for a Saturday night, and take all the leftovers to his buddy Kevin's house. I know that he usually hangs out at Kevin's on Sundays, so they'd have some food for tomorrow, and I wouldn't be tempted to eat anymore of it. YAY!

The baby will be at the groomer's for 2 hours tomorrow, so as soon as I drop her off, I'm heading back home and stopping by the fitness center at the front of the apt complex FIRST....I'm going to walk until I can't walk anymore....I'm going to walk until I FALL OFF that treadmill, trying to reverse some of the damage I did this weekend. I'm working on my 3rd 32 oz. glass of water for the day now, and will continue drowning myself until Friday's weigh-in.

I hope everyone is having a FAR better eating weekend than I am. :(

Quote For The Day:

"Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall." - Oliver Goldsmith


  1. Love the quote tonight. I'd say just try not to surround yourself with temptations, like that baked macaroni and cheese. I know you feel like you deserve to indulge once in a while, and you do, but if you aren't to the point yet where you can just have a little and then say no, you should probably wait on putting so many temptations in front of you. But good job on eating small portions of the burger and fries. :)

  2. I understand the control thing - but it sounds like you did fine! You exercised, you gave away the extra food - that's all good!

    Don't beat yourself up. Just trust the process!

  3. None of us can be perfect all of the time and you wouldn't expect it of a best friend, say. So be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved.

    Way to go on all that working out!

  4. I know you are holding yourself to a specific standard i.e. calorie point.

    I applaud your day to day perfection with this, because I know it would drive me mad.

    But Tammy, just because you don't stay in that window that you have set up does not make you a total failure! Since you did not specify what "eating too much" was for you, I am guessing you slipped out of your range a few hundred calories.

    To hear you though, you would think you crested 4000! Give yourself a little break - its all coming off in the end! XOXO

  5. Great job on only eating half the burger and fries. That in itself was a challenge that you won.

    I'm sure you will be fine by Friday. You are a real go-getter.

  6. Great quote! So true! And you really aren't giving yourself enough credit. The dividing the burger and fries in half was amazing! Not sure I could have done it.
    I'm a control freak too, so on the days where my structure is gone for whatever reason I tend to mindlessly snack too. It's killer that mindless munching mindset. You're doing great though, just get back to it and carry on!!

  7. Whenever I have an "off" day, I try to look back to what I would have done before I started my journey...I bet this would help you get some perspective as well. Cutting the burger and fries in half is a huge step! Walking on the treadmill when you don't feel like it - fantastic! Sending those leftovers out of your house - great commitment to your goals!

    Don't be so hard on yourself - you really are changing so much and deserve a huge pat on the back, Tammy!

  8. Cut yourself some slack girl. You were amazing dividing the burger and fries, I couldn't have done that. That shows commitment.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. My VBF and I had a great time, I fell off the healthy eating wagon last night but we had fun. you can come over anythimg to do some shopping:0)



  9. No way is it a failure! You've made improvements, and you've realized the need to indulge at times, but still you didn't go overboard with the burger and fries. Who knows, that could have prevented a future binge.
    You might have had one less-stellar weekend, but you have tons more days ahead of you to make it up. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride! :-)

  10. like everyone above said.. cutting burger & fries in half?? wow. that's serious!

    don't hurt yourself exercising too much before you're ready.. work up to it, do intervals.. make sure you do lots of stretching.. you can do alot more harm than good if you go too far too soon.

    be good to you!!

  11. Oh Tammy girl! I would have eaten that whole burger and all the fries so the people in China wouldn't starve to death! Wish I had some of your tenacity.
    Love, Mom O.

  12. LOL.
    I too had a chaotic weekend. I'm pretty much a loner and a stay at home type but I was out and that changed everything! All bets off.
    I think you should focus on the victories and go from there.
    Good luck with your walking tomorrow.

  13. I think it's a victory that you only ate half of the burger and fries! Imagine that you would not have done that before and you showed control. good for you!

  14. Great quote. The best part of all of this is that tomorrow brings a new and fresh day. Good luck this week. You can do it!