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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunshine On a Rainy Day

I lost 1.2 lbs. this week....I am down to 242.8. Woo Hoo! I'll take it! Any loss is a good loss and one to be proud of!

It's raining out so I just watched the news. They said it's going to be raining in the entire Northeast all weekend. Great. Sounds like all of my stuff is getting soaked tomorrow morning in the move. Oh who cares! I just want it done and over with. Thankfully, I've already moved over 90% of the boxes on my own...the movers are taking all the heavy furniture and maybe 8-10 more boxes. So I won't have a bunch of wet cardboard boxes to deal with. That's a plus! :)

As you know, my goal for each month is to lose 10 lbs. That puts me needing to lose 3.4 lbs next week to wrap up this month. I'm going to push myself hard to get it done....which means 1500 calories a day and a good walk on the treadmill each day. If I fall short, that's okay.....at least I know I'm still moving in the right direction. I like giving myself goals to keep myself motivated, even if I do set them a little high. The important thing is that I'm slowly but surely experiencing the mental changes that will help me reach and SUSTAIN a healthy weight for the rest of my life.

I'm off to do some last minute packing, laundry and cleaning. I've just about got it all done. It's going to be a great day! I'll try to do a post tonight to let you know how my day went before I pack up my laptop. If not, I'll definitely drop in tmrw night and update you. If it's raining where you are, then I hope you find a little sunshine in your day, too. :)


  1. Hi Tammy! Congrats on your loss. I'm sure that all the work involved in moving house will burn off a few more pounds than you were expecting. I'm sure your goal is achieveable.

    As you say, this isn't only about this week or next week, it's a long term thing you're achieving here so it's not speed but just moving in the right direction that counts.

    You sound good to me!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Emailing you now ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Way to go! You are moving in the right direction, even if the goal isn't attained exactly. I hate that notion of slow weight loss tending to be more lasting, because I want it now! Progress, not perfection.

    The sun has come out here...hope it does in Georgia as well. I have a lot of family there! Wherever you're going, have a safe trip!

  3. Good going being down the 1.2. Slow but steady is what it sounds like is happening. It's hard to be patient, but it sounds like you're doing everything right. I find I'll kind of stay with 1-2 pounds for a week or so at this point, then suddenly have a 3 pound loss unexpectedly. I don't get it, but I'll take it!

    Have a good trip to wherever you're going. Hope the sun comes out in GA soon...it just came out in Eastern PA!

  4. Moving is one of the most stressful things ever. Good luck getting it all done. Nice to see that the weater is cooperating... NOT.

    You can pull off that 3 pound loss... just get after it. Esp with the move, you'll be super-active, I bet.

  5. You're very close to the 30 lbs mark! Way to go!

  6. WOO HOO! I'm so excited for you. I think you will hit your 10 pound goal. You are super motivated now.

    Have a great trip!

  7. Congratulations my friend! Nice loss, very nice.
    Moves are always so stressful--- Just know it will be done real soon. It will be over!!

    I love the sunshine in your writing. I've noticed a marked difference in your spirits---It can really make the difference.
    I know that you can make the 10 pound goal, I know you can!!!
    You know what to do my friend,

  8. Way to go on the loss. You are doing great. Keep up the good work. I love you attitude about your weight loss journey.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Good job on the loss! That's almost 30 pounds now. :)

    Good luck with the moving tomorrow. At least you'll have movers to help you.

  10. Congratulations on your loss! And good luck with your move this weekend. Soon it will all be over!

  11. Congrats on the loss! Like you said any loss is a good one!
    Good luck with the moving! Moving can be very stressful, soon you'll be done.:-)
    It'll be raining here too, and we'll be cleaning out our garage. The rain will make it difficult as we had planned to toss everything out on the lawn for starters. DARN IT!

  12. You're doing awsome! I hope you finally get that move done and achieve your goal for this month.

  13. Way to go Tammy. I'm sure you can make it by next week, if you work really hard, which I bet you will. Good luck with your move.