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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1200 Calorie Day Recap

Ok....so...I was going to try out 1200 calories yesterday and see what I thought.  The good news is I DID IT!!  And I'm still alive!!  lol  :)

So here's how the day went and how the calories broke down:

7am - Jimmy Dean D'Lite Breakfast Bagel w/ egg white, chz, turkey sausage    260 cals.
11am - One baked pork rib                                                                             200 cals.
            Medium sweet potato - no butter                                                         103 cals.
2pm - Honeycrisp apple                                                                                    80 cals.
During day I had (4) 5 oz. cups of coffee w/ 1 Tbsp creamer in ea.
The creamer is 35 cals per Tbsp                                                                      140 cals.
5:30p - 4 egg whites @ 17 cals. ea.                                                                   68 cals.
            1 slice 2% American cheese                                                                  45 cals.
7:00p - 2 grilled chicken thighs - no skin (5-6 oz. of meat off bone)                  180 cals.
             Medium sweet potato - no butter                                                        103 cals.

Total Calories:                                                                                               1149 cals.

Here's how the day went....I ate breakfast at 7am.  By 10:30 my stomach was growling audibly.  I finally fed it lunch at 11am.  I normally scarf down my food in 5-10 mins.  Yesterday, I purposely ate VERY slowly, putting my fork down inbetween (what a concept!), did some work at desk inbetween eating, and made the one rib and sweet potato last an hour...until 12pm.  It's amazing how much better food tastes when you eat mindfully because you know there's going to be less of it. 

By 2pm my stomach was growling audibly again...wow.  I ate an apple.  At 4pm I felt like my stomach was turning inside out, lol.  I emailed Allan and told him "This is hard.  You ROCK."  He's been staying around 1200 cals for like 6 months now I think....now that's commitment.  All during the day I consumed (4) 5 oz cups of coffee and (5) 24 oz. bottles of water to help stave off the hunger.  Stomach still growling.  Left work at 5pm, got home at 5:30p and ran to the kitchen to whip something up.  I made a cheese omelet with 4 egg whites and 1 pc. of 2% American cheese.  My baby had a couple of bites, so my calories are actually a little lower than I reported...maybe around 1100-1125?

Dwayne emailed me at work yesterday and wanted me and Scarlette to come to his house for dinner....said he was grilling steaks.  I told him I was trying 1200 cals today and already had my dinner planned....some grilled chicken that he cooked for me on Sunday night, and a sweet potato that I baked Sun night.  I told him he could grill a steak for himself and I'd bring over my chicken and sweet potato to stay on track.  I got to his house just as he was pulling 2 steaks off the grill.  He threw one in the frig and ate the other one with a loaf of crusty French bread.  Watching him eat the steak didn't phase me....watching him eat the crusty French breaad hurt like hell, lol.  But I didn't touch it.  I ate my chicken and sweet potato slowly and noticed something about 3/4 of the way through.  I was full.  Huh?  No way.  I can eat WAY more than this...and of course I finished it.  But full after so fewer calories than I normally eat during a day?  Totally weird and I have no explanation for it, other than maybe the water intake. 

After dinner we watched some TV and I drank (3) 16.9 oz bottles of water.  I headed home around 9pm and when I got home, I drank one more 32 oz. bottle of water before bed.  My total water consumption for the day was around 200 oz....with the coffee on top of that for even more liquids.  Actually....that's a TON of liquids, and probably had EVERYTHING to do w/ why I felt so full at dinner.  Yay.  :)

So....I did it...I made it through...I didn't die.  It got tough in the afternoon around 4p, but nothing I couldn't handle, so I'm going to do it again today.  One day at a time here...that's all I need to focus on.  I actually remembered to bring my camera this morning to work with me, so I'll be taking pics of today's food and will post it tomorrow morning with an update on Day 2.  Have a super day friends.  :)

*******SEAN hit goal yesterday at The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser!!!  Head on over there!!*******


  1. That does sound tough!! But you saved yourself by eating a lot of protein, fiber, and really filling foods. You rocked it!!

  2. Awesomeness. And especially the new behavior of staying with your own plan even when with Dwayne. That's huge! Good luck today. You're kickin' a$$!

  3. Awesome... In the morning, scramble three eggs, a little water, salt and pepper, and whatever veggies you like.. Eat that on a plate, not the packaged crap...
    11AM: No ribs, eat the Sweet Potato, add a huge salad with 2 Tablespoons of any dressing you like !
    Apple is great
    No egg whites at 5, eat another apple
    Dinner with the chicken looked good, more salad, more veggies
    Sugar free jello rocks
    Sugar free fudgsicles rock

    You are all set !! Rock on !!!

  4. Good job girl! Whenever I'm struggling with 1200 (usually around TOM, and the weekends) I bump up my cal. to 1500. For me it makes more sense to have an extra 300 cal, then end up going crazy and driving to a fast-food place.

  5. Awesome! You did it. Stick with it and the amount you are able to eat at each meal will decrease. Like your stomach shrinks or something. I don't know.

  6. You totally rock!!! Way to go!!!! That's totally awesome!!!! You are a testament that I can do this...my eating has been better this week--but nothing like this...All I can say is complete and total awesomeness!!!!

  7. Way to go Tammy! That is great, especially the part about sticking to it even though you went to Dwayne's! I, too, find that eating slower helps and sticking mainly to protein and veggies is really the key to keeping the calories down! Well done!

  8. congrads but I'm right with Allan--you could have backed off just a bit on one thing or the other and used those calories to have LOADS of more food to tide the hunger in the form of veggies. LOADS of volume foods: raw veggies with salad spray or mustard or yogurt with spice or fat free sourcream dip, salads, veggie soups or juices, green beans or broccoli or whatever, roasted veggies---low cal big volume...I'm trying to eat more sf jello too...just adding this as a reminder..this is where us volume eaters can fill up.

  9. I agree with Ms. PJ as well. Volume for me is key. Salad, lots of it, raw carrots, a little hummus, more carrots...Awesome

  10. I like that you weren't starving and kept with your plan, even with eating with Dwayne. Nice work! Eventually you will, I'm sure, add in a bit more filling green veggies, but for the first day, you did great!

  11. I agree with Allan, the biggest mistake was breakfast. I start with egg beaters and something on it like salsa, spices and/or veggies. Keeps me full.

    Load up on way more veggies liket the others say. You can add low calorie spices to flavor the veggies if you don't like them.

    You did SO good! Planning was the key. You didn't leave anything to chance. The bread that your friend ate would have SOOOOO been not worth it. It wasn't THAT good!

    Keep it up! Can't wait to see pictures!! You can do it!!

  12. U said it best!
    One day at a time.

  13. Great first day at a low calorie intake and you did awesome.
    Yes that side Dwayne ate with his steak would have been my downfall LOL.

  14. great JOB...looks like you made it..do it daily and you will feel stronger and stronger.