A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Challenge Pic

For Allan's challenge, we had to take a current pic of ourselves.  We didn't have to post it on our blog if we were uncomfortable or shy....but I'm not shy.  :)

If my ridiculous stomach would catch up to my collarbone, I'd be a happy girl.  :)

Off to a good start this morning...just can't remember to take the dang camera with me everywhere I go, so I'm forgetting to take all of my food pics.  Still writing down every calorie though and drinking all the water.  We did our first challenge weigh-in for Phase 2 after only 5 days.  I was down 1 lb.  I started at 249 last Tuesday, and weighed 248 Sunday morning.  One lb. off my a$$ is better than no pounds.  I'll take it. 

Have a great day friends.  :)


  1. Go Tammy!

    I love that your baby is trying to get in on Momma's photoshot- what a cutie!


  2. Great pic, you photogenic gal. You look pretty lean and proportionate! I didn't know we were supposed to do pics so haven't, but I have one from a few months back that is representative. Maybe that'll do.

    Glad you're off to a stellar day!

  3. Great photo! Great start to this week!!!

    (And love that Miss Scarlette wants in the photo, too!!!)

  4. WTG Tammy on the weight loss, your right..one lb is better than no lb. You look great!!

    BTW-your little doggie is absolutely adorable.

  5. Keep at it. You will get there!!

    Stay focused!

  6. You look great! My dogs always want to get in the pictures too. They are so funny. Have a great week. you're off to an awesome start!

  7. You look great! You definitely shouldn't be shy about posting that pic :-)

  8. Great photo and way to go on the first week!

  9. You look great in your pics and one pound lost is better than one found :)
    Keep it up :)

  10. You are looking beautiful, my dear. :)

  11. You are beautiful little sister.
    Looking good!!


  12. I think you look fantastic just the way you are. The numbers on my scale are creeping upward. I have been avoiding it as much as possible. I know I will have to get with it soon....I am thinking after Christmas, as this holiday season time is always SO difficult. But dieting time is coming, it's not far off.....I think I see it just over there......blah, blah, blah. YOu go girl!
    Hugs, Kathleen