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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Recipe Pics

Ok, so the challenge didn't officially start until today but since I took pics of my food yesterday (minus breakfast), I'll go ahead and post them.  Not very exciting, but helps me stay accountable.  Tuna salad w/ low salt wheat thins.

4 baked chicken wings, separated, and a sweet potato w/ 1 Tbsp of ICBINB.  This has to be my favorite vegetable to eat during the Fall.  I never think to eat them in the summer.

15 baby carrots at 3 cals a piece....45 cals of crunch.  And ungodly amounts of water...somewhere around 130 oz by the end of the day.

These were DELISH!  I coupled 2 recipes I found....Pam's Creamy Buffalo Chicken Lasagna recipe at her food blog "From Apples To Zucchini", listed on my blogroll....and a Petite Lasagna recipe from "Can You Stay For Dinner", on my favorites list.  I counted the cals of all ingredients, overestimated, and came up with 195 cals each.  I had 2 of these last night for dinner.  Well....

make that 2 of them minus what my baby ate.  She loved them, too.  :)

I took pics throughout making this recipe to show a step-by-step, but didn't have the time to download them this morning before leaving for work.  If anyone is interested in the recipe and seeing how it's made, leave a comment, and I'll download the pics tonight. 

Day 2 and I'm solid so far...taking my pics.  I had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, 150 cals...and a honeycrisp apple a few minutes ago...80 cals.  Drinking the water...and I looked at Allan's chart on his last blog post.  I started at 249 lbs....if I hang in for the entire month, I have the potential to reach 232 lbs by Dec. 8th.  Mind-blowing really....but drinking ALL THAT WATER has a lot to do with flushing a bunch of garbage out of my system.  I totally get the water thing.  I'll be honest.  If I can just see the 230's by the end...that will put a huge smile on my face.  I just want to keep looking forward...one day and one choice at a time.  I want to leave the 240's behind.  Good Lord, I've visited them WAY too many times over this last year.  I'm soooo over it. 

Have a great day friends.  :)


  1. Tammy, you sound so excited and that's great. I know you'll do it this time. All the food looks yummy and your "baby" looks like mmmmm, well look at the smile!


  2. I want the recipe...appears to be yummy...your seal of approval and the Baby's...:)

    Like you, I have revisited the water thing...hopefully it helps me, too...

    Great frame of mind...You can do this!!!

  3. Looking forward to the recipe!! What a happy baby. She's so cute!! You can do this my friend. We all can!

  4. The food looks great Tammy. And your baby is adorable!

  5. I read and "if" in there. Change it to "when I hang in for the entire month..."
    Those little lasagnas look yum.

  6. Of course I want the recipe! They look delicious! And darlin' little Scarlett seems to be enjoying them! I love baked sweet potatoes, too...try drizzling them with a little sugar free maple syrup, so good!

  7. I've been loving sweet potatoes too. Your lunch look delish! I'm looking to get out of the 240s myself. Got 2 pounds before I'm officially in the 230s!

    You can totally do it. You will do it. Keep up the great work and do whatever you have to reach your goals. I'm excited for US:-)

  8. Ditto on the recipe - want it. Looks great. Glad you're feeling positive and motivated. It's always great when you get out the Tamcam too!

  9. Me! Me! Me! I would love the recipe. Those look delish!

    And I ADORE your photos of your food. We may be twins seperated at birth! I snap pics of all my food too!