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Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's Try This Again

Ok...so I didn't do so hot on Allan's first Double Dog Challenge....I gave up last week.  I decided after a few days that it was a REALLY bad idea, and I better commit to SOMETHING...so I signed up for Phase 2 of his challenge.  This picture up top makes me want to run out and buy a passel of pugs, lol.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning....ready to get started.  I decided I'd photograph some of my food to go along with the accountability thing.  I said some, and not all, because for one, I already forgot to photograph my 410 calorie breakfast this morning....eggs, turkey sausage, fruit, coffee w/ creamer....but I did manage to remember to grab the camera as I was running out the door for work, so I'll take some pics today.  I did this in my Beach Challenge this past April and found it very helpful w/ the accountability....I lost 15 lbs. that month.  Unfortunately, I found it again..and put it right back on my a$$. 

Phase 2 of this challenge runs for a month, through Dec. 8th.  It takes us right through Thanksgiving....now THAT ought to be interesting.  One requirement is to eat the calories that you'll be eating when you get to goal weight....which for me is 1870.  Another requirement is to drink enough water to drown a small country.  Working on the water already....looking forward to a good day. 

I cooked up some food yesterday to help me out through the week.  Baked some sweet potatoes, boiled some eggs and made tuna salad, baked some zucchini and fresh salsa together in the oven, baked some chicken wings, boiled 2 chicken breasts and shredded them and then mixed in some Texas Pete buffalo sauce....that's in case I want to make a buffalo chicken lasagna recipe in a muffin tin this week.  Also thawed out some grouper to cook for dinner tonight...got a recipe for a mustard sauce from Allan to put over the fish...should be tasty. 

Unfortunately I got a bit of bad news last night.  One of my great aunts passed away yesterday morning...my mother's aunt....so I'll be attending the funeral with mom this week.  I'm not sure of the day yet....probably either Tues or Wed....so being out and with family for at least half of the day will probably pose some obstacles with the eating...but I'll do the best I can.  Funerals are a part of life and we just have to work around them in regards to the eating. 

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start....drink that water.  :)


  1. Tammy I feel like I'm starting over again this week too. You are off to a gret start preparig your food and preparing for the realities of life...good luck..

  2. Hi Tammy, sorry to hear about your great-aunt.
    I hope you have a wonderful week & cope well with the eating obstacles

  3. "a passel of pugs" Girl, you are so Southern. :D

    I am sorry about your Great Aunt. *hug*

    Doing your photojournalist thing with your food seems to be very effective for you. When you do that, you rock your track like a monster. Maybe that is your secret to your own success... :D

    Thanksgiving is going to be a challenge, fo shiz. But I have plans for mine. It can be done. :)

  4. So sorry to hear about your aunt.

    I can't imagine losing weight at 1850 calories a day. According to my bodybugg, even with a 2 mile walk, I only burn about 1800 to 1900 cals a day. :(

    I hope your metabolism has a better furnace than mine!


  5. I'm so sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing.

    Good luck with the new challenge. I STILL haven't gotten over to read it but sounds like it's the same basic thing? The biggest thing I'm seeing is that if I walk at least a couple miles each day, I'm much less likely to go bonkers with food, and therefore can at least maintain more easily. Don't want to maintain of course, but with busy weekends full of social events and more meals out, I'm happy to maintain! I actually lost .2 pound from Friday to Monday (essentially nothing), but definitely enjoyed more eating than I do M-F. I'm trying to have one clean day today, and will reevaluate tomorrow tomorrow.

  6. I was sorry to hear of your great aunt's passing, Tammy.

    I'm glad you joined the SDDDY Challenge though! It should be interesting ...

  7. Welcome back to the challenge. It seems to be working for a lot of us.

    And I hope you have an easy week with having the funeral and all.

  8. Sorry to hear about your Aunt :( Sounds like you are geared up for a good week though. Preparation makes all the difference!!

  9. Sorry to hear about your aunt sweetheart.

    We are both in a sad place at the moment, but we can get out of it, step by step. Let's step together xxx

  10. Sorry about your aunt.

    Glad to see you're feeling better about things.

  11. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Good luck with the challenge. I'm tryin' not to get panicked about Thanksgiving. It's just another meal, right? Hang in there.

  12. best of luck to you in this challenge. I am not in a good mind set to even think about dieting. Maybe after the holidays I will get back into the groove. Hang in there!Hugs, Kathleen