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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's What I Thought

I reported a gain of 8 lbs this week, weighing in on Sunday at 250 lbs, and reported it in my last post.  I didn't freak out about it, because I knew it was mostly due to my cycle....which is still going strong this morning.  Nothing like the feeling of an elephant tap dancing on your ovaries.  I also knew part of it was due to some serious sodium ingestion from eating every meal out for 2 days while Christmas shopping with Dwayne on Friday and Saturday.  I knew that I made decent choices in the restaurants...for example, we went to Marietta Fish Market on Friday.  Dwayne had the fried flounder sandwich and I chose grilled grouper.  After 2 good days of being on plan and drinking ALL of my water both days, I hopped back on the scale this morning.  Back down to 246...just as I thought, the sodium is releasing, and I'm back to dealing with the cycle gain as expected.  I can NOT wait til this wknd gets here so I can start feeling back to normal and not like a puffer fish.  :)


  1. You were right!!!! No worries here!!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Yeah, I hear you on the water/period gains. I've fluctuated over five pounds in the course of a day or two before, and it's almost always due to water retention/hormones, etc. If you stick to your diet, I bet you'll see a significant decrease when you weigh in next week.

  3. See, there IS something good about being ancient...no more hormonal crap. Yeah, yeah, there are plenty of down sides to losing the hormones, but at least I don't turn into a "puffer fish" (lol) each month, unless it's from my own doing/eating!

    That's great - and just getting back to the water drinking will likely make your tranisition to normalcy even faster.

  4. Don't weigh yourself when you're on your cycle!!!! Why torture yourself, sweet Tammy?

  5. Poor puffy you. May the bloat float away, soon.