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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting Sean This Saturday!

I'm excited!  Sean just called me about an hour ago and asked if I wanted to drive over to AL and visit with him this Sat!  Yay!  He became my weight loss mentor a year and a half ago, when I first started my blog.  I obviously haven't followed his example very well, but I've enjoyed every post and am constantly amazed by his commitment to consistency and making the weight loss THE most important thing in his life.  Very happy to finally get to meet him in person...we're gonna' have a great time!  :)


  1. How exciting for you!
    Have the best of times Tammy. :0)
    Come back refreshed and energized.

  2. I am moist as well just a little...

  3. I sent Sean on a roundabout tour of Memphis yesterday, but we wound up not being able to hook up in person. Be careful... he's terrible with directions (or maybe I am).

  4. I think this is a good time for follow thru with Sean. Glad you are going. You need some 'menting.' ;-) (we all need it!)

  5. Must be nice to just hop in the car and drive to AL. We can't do that from here easily.

  6. Can't wait to hear all about it Tammy.

  7. Oh I am a VIVID shade of GREEN, give hime a BiG Hug from me, you lucky lady.

    Love and hugs, have a Fabulous time


  8. Wow - you are a blogging superstar to have Sean call you!! What great timing this is to help you really power up for the journey. Happy for you, Tammy. Charge your camera so you can take lots of pics! I haven't read him much but know he's a major success story. Have fun!

    I think there is some Divine Intervention going on here...Remember every detail.

  9. Looking forward to the meeting!!! Stephen Vinson (from Who Ate My Blog) is also coming up from Birmingham!!! It'll be a mini-blogger convention!!!
    Wish your man Dwayne could come!!! Tell him hi for me!!!
    I just communicated with Stephen---and we'll get the details together tomorrow---on what time Saturday morning--and where...I'll be in touch!

    My best always,

  10. WOW! Meeting a superstar blogger. Have fun!