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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Superheroes: Sean and Stephen!!

I drove over to Alabama today and hung out with Sean from The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser and Stephen from Who Ate My Blog?  I had a fabulous time....both of these guys are hilarious...cracked me up the whole time we were together.  It was a really awesome time and I can't wait til we can all get together again....hopefully in the spring if all goes right!  Stephen's already lost around 200 lbs...and in keeping with that amazingness, went for a 6 mile walk before we all met today (yay!) as he's working towards getting ready to walk a half marathon!!  I think he said it's in February... Go Stephen!!   Sean's expected to meet his goal weight of 230 lbs. on his next weigh-in this coming Tuesday....can't wait to read THAT post!  I took a ton of pics today so I'll post a few of them.  Enjoy! :)

I'm 5'10..it's very rare that I feel "short"...today was one of those times, lol.


The guys fooling with their cameras

Such a FUN guy!

Doesn't he have a fantastic smile?  He should...he's got a lot to smile about. :)

All of us fatties and former fatties can appreciate the room between the steering wheel and our tummies.  :)
Proud of you Sean!

Where's your cape?
(inside joke ;) )


  1. It was an amazing day all the way around! It was an honor and a pleasure to meet both you and Stephen!! Thank you for making that long drive!!! The people at that Cracker Barrel had to be wondering what we three were so happy about. They have no idea--do they?? ;) After the three of us ordered--I thought it was hilarious that we were brought about 500 calories worth of butter!!! LOL I'm no Superman!!! Had fun--Very good!!

    My best always!!!

  2. And a fun time was had by all !! Nothing like a visit with a mentor to revitalize motivation too.

    I'm glad to hear the guys have a sense of humor. Makes for a quick visit, doesn't it? Time flies and all that ...

    AGlad you had a nice time, Tammy. Did you walk away with any tips you can pass along? After all, you met with two of the most successful weight loss bloggers out there!

  3. Love the beaming faces on all of you and you all have every reason in the world to wear them.
    Smile until your face hurts. :0)

  4. I am so happy for you Tammy:) To meet Sean and Stephen together must have been AmAzInG!!

    I hope you gave Sean the hug I asked you to;)


    Sheilagh...various shades of green....

  5. Glad you had a good time Tammy! Congratulations on all you guys success!!!

  6. Sounds awesome! A shot of motivation.

  7. I'm so glad you got to go. You all look great and next time I'm tagging along!!

  8. Tammy, It was nice to meet you and Sean, and I hope we can all get together again soon.

  9. I am with Tina...next time, it's a group road trip!!! The pics are amazing...all of you look fabulous!!!! Can't wait to hear (in person) all about it!!!

  10. Great pics and I have also been mentored by Sean. So kind and encouraging. Thanks for the great pics. Seems like you had a blast!

  11. You're so lucky to get the chance to meet those two! I am glad you had the opportunity! Great job!

  12. how fun!!! looks like you had a great time!!