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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Right To Choose

Voting is one of my favorite rights in this country.  I thank God for it.  I thank God for all of the freedoms that we are so blessed to have, but voting is of paramount importance to me, and in my opinion, should be to every American.

I hope you'll make time in your busy day to participate in your right today.  And please don't pass it off to you not liking either party, because ONE of the parties is going to be in control.  It's better to have a say than no say at all.  Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we had no say at all?  The thought makes me shudder.

Several elections in our history have been won...and lost...by only one vote.  Cast yours today...exercise your patriotic duty.  I did.  Will you?  :)


  1. Hear, hear! I agree, and I will be voting today. Thanks for the reminder Tammy.:-)

  2. I plan to atop on my way home. The gym is also a choice I have and I'll do that after I vote.


  3. I voted. What happened to the "I Voted" stickers? I wanted one :(

    BTW - Love the blog!

  4. Wonderful! What a well written post, thank you for sharing your thoughts Tammy

  5. I've exercised my voting privilege earlier today, and got the traditional sticker. (Jen, your polling place must've run out of those.)

    THEN, I followed that up with a drive straight to my favorite park, for a nice brisk walk (1 mile) - so a "vote" for improved health there - thinking much the same as Sheilah. Gorgeous day for a walk too ...

  6. I can only hope that my vote counted!!! (I voted using my absentee ballot a while ago). Of course...I guess that I could always go and try to vote again...but why risk jail time. I just have to hope that my vote is in and counted...

  7. Absolutely! I'm proud to say I've voted in every single election and almost all primaries since I turned 18. It amazes me that some people are willing to cross oceans for our right to vote while others can't be bothered to cross the street.