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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm So Stoopid

Guess what?  I forgot I have diabetes.  Since I've lost nearly 100 lbs, my #'s are normal now...so it makes you think you don't have it anymore.  My dr. corrected me on that one time.  Mine is hereditary...it is under control with my diet now...I no longer take any meds for it, but he told me I'll always "have it". 

Since my #'s have been normal, and are never in the high range anymore...I've discovered something I didn't know before.  Your sugar can also DROP....your #'s can go TOO LOW.  This doesn't happen often, but it has happened a couple of times.  It's been a while though, so it took me FOREVER to figure out what in the hell was wrong with me today.

It started with a headache....then I was dizzy....then I noticed my hands and feet were freezing.  I never freeze...in fact, they usually keep it WAY too warm in my office.  It wasn't until I was in the car and driving home that I put all 3 symptoms together....ding ding ding!!  My sugar was too low!!  I quickly calculated my calories for the day in my head....I had around 750 or so by 5pm.  Doh!!  Soooo sleepy driving home...knew I HAD to eat....was thinking I need to grab a pack of crackers or something, but had already passed the ONE gas station between work and home.  The only restaurants in the closes vicinity between work and home are a Red Lobster, a Dunkin' Donuts, Popeye's fried chicken, and a Chic-fil-A.  SHIT.

Thank God the commute home is usually only 20 mins or so.  Also glad that I already had dinner cooked and waiting in the frig.  I popped it in the microwave and ate.  That was about half an hour ago....still have a headache, still sleepy, and still freezing my ass off.  But now that I've eaten things will improve.  As of right now, I'm at 1093 cals for the day.  I need to decide if I'll spend another 100 cals on food or my usual decaf coffee w/ creamer.  I'm thinking food will be the smarter idea tonight.

1200 cals is enough for a diabetic...if you actually EAT.  The danger is letting too much time go between the meals.  I had lunch at 11am.  I had some baby carrots at 2pm.....but by 5pm, things had gone way downhill today.  I need to think more about spacing out my calories better.  My breakfast this morning was under 200.  Maybe I need to bulk that up to give myself a better start.  Who forgets they have diabetes????  Feeling pretty stoopid right now. 

These are awesome...tried them for the first time today after seeing them on someone else's blog.

Cooking breakfast...I do NOT do this every morning...I move too slow in the mornings.

See there....took too long to cook, so not enough time to eat before leaving home....took it to work and ate it at my desk.  :)

4 egg whites w/ a touch of mustard for color/flavor - 68 cals.
1/3 c. turkey sausage crumbles - 40 cals.
onions/mushrooms/bell peppers - 40 cals.
1/8 c. 2% cheese - 45 cals.

Breakfast total - 193 cals.

salad - 50 cals.
8 oz. shrimp sauteed in Pam olive oil cooking spray - 240 cals.
2 Tbsp. olive oil vinaigrette dressing - 60 cals.

Lunch total - 350 cals.

15 baby carrots - 45 cals.

6 oz. chicken breast - 180 cals.
a whole bag of Steamfresh veggies - 120 cals.
1 slice 2% American cheese - 45 cals.
1 Tbsp. Heinz 57 - 20 cals.

Dinner total - 365 cals.

Total for the day so far:  1093

I had 120 oz. of water at work today....drinking another 32 oz. glass right now.  Also had (4) 5 oz. c. of coffee at work. 

I was a lot hungrier today than I was yesterday.  I also didn't drink as much water today...that might have something to do with the fullness factor.  As far as the diabetes goes, filling yourself up with water is not the same as eating your food.  I'll space my calories out better tomorrow.  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. Yikes. I think snacks are going to be your friend :D

  2. I have low blood sugar issues at times too. I was pre-diabetic before I started losing weight so I try to make sure I eat something (protein/carbs) at least every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. I also have to be careful when working out for more than a hour that I have something beforehand (usually have a protein shake) otherwise I will find myself shaking and feeling like I'm going to pass out. I never thought that the cold hands and feet were related to diabetes it's just always been how I've been but maybe it is.

    Glad you figured it out and made it home ok.

  3. Oh my goodness! Glad you're OK, and make sure you take snacks with you everywhere if your're going to be eating less calories!

  4. RE: diabetes. Yep. Deb

  5. That happens to me on occasion too. It is a scary feeling - May I suggest that you pick up some glucose tablets at the pharmacy? You can keep them in your purse for these types of situations. They have really helped me out when it happened to me. In fact, I have a friend who gets low blood sugars alot and she is NOT diabetic but does not eat regularly and they have rescued her too.

    P.S. You are NOT stoopid!

  6. Glad you figured out what was going on and got some food into you! Spreading your food out more will probably help a lot, you probably need a little something going in every 2 hours or so. Thanks for the info on the sausage crumbles. I've seen them and wondered if they'd be any good. Take care of yourself!!

  7. Keep crackers or some other snack food in your car or purse of both to nibble on when you feel like that again.
    That's an ORDER! :0)

  8. Diabetic here too . I was really cold and felt sickly this morning. Did I check my sugar...hmmmm..naw.

    Your meals are looking good and I'm impressed and inspired by your willingness to try this level of calories.

    I 'm with you on the jimmy dean breakfast stuff..big fan here. I like the d lights turkey sausage breakfast bowls.

    Diabetes - wise you probably just need to have some protein with you at work..protein /carb snacks are always good..mid morning, mid afternoon and even before bedtime with your night time coffee. Protein keeps your sugar from spiking and then dropping, it sort of slows the processing of the other foods so your sugar stays balanced and you don't get as hungry between meals. Laughing cow cheese, nut butter, nuts, yogurt or cottage cheese are all good. Or try some vanilla protein powder in the coffee for the same amt of creamer cal but more protein for staying power. I cut up protein bars in to bite size pieces and keep in snack bags. It's like having a cookie, premeasured, but with less sugar more protein.

  9. Girl, this sounds way too familiar though I have pre-diabetes. The diet that my doctor put me on requires me to eat 5 times a day. It's hard to eat that much sometimes but you have to keep that blood sugar stabilized. But you probably already know that. :)
    Be careful!

  10. I'm always forgetting I'm diabetic....we can be stupid together little sis xxx

    Take care


  11. Glad you are taking care! Your meals today look friggin' delicious!!!!

  12. Just awesome. Love the change, love the start, and all it took was lunch with 650 plus pounds of two men that were winning the war... Very cool..

  13. I had some of the low sugar experiences 3 summers ago when I was working the Food Addicts in Recovery program and the food was very rigid with NO sugar, only 1 daily fruit, and quite low carb. (I've been playing around with pre- Type 2 for about 4 years.) I had all the classic signs. That can really be dangerous. It's where starting to learn the nutritional content of foods becomes important.

    But way to not CAVE and hit the fast food joints. You are really doing fantastic Tammy.
    I've been using that same sausage in links, but the crumbles look awesome. On my next shopping trip!

  14. Glad you had the lightbulb moment! Blood sugar fluxuations are nothing to fool around with. The pictures of this meal look very good. I must also comment on the clean stove top. Wish mine would stay that clean when I cook. :)

  15. I have never seen that Turkey sausage crumble. It looks awesome. I am going to keep my eyes out for that. Your meals looked yummy also. Take care of yourself. Gracie

  16. I'm a diabetic also, but I don't 'forget' that I'm a diabetic..I just completely disregard the fact that I am one (something I am working on changing though)

    How long into your journey was it before you got to stop taking your diabetes meds? And also, where do you get your food ideas from. It took me several days, but I finally read your whole blog, and I'm eager to try some of the things you've posted. I don't know if it's b/c I've put restrictions on what I can & can't eat for so long or what, but I never know what to EAT lol...