A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rough Day Yesterday

Yesterday I picked up mom and took her to the funeral.  I was away from the house for 8 hours.  No food pics.  I had 350 cals before I left the house (tuna salad wraps), and then we had a wake after the funeral, which is more like a family reunion for my family, and there was a ton of food.  I had one big plate of food, and I'm pretty sure that wiped out my calories for the day.  I didn't eat again after I got home at 7:30p last night...so only 2 meals yesterday.  I did think about taking my camera, but it just felt too disrespectful. 

Off to a bad start this morning.  Running SERIOUSLY late...ran out the door w/ no breakfast and no camera.  Swung through McD's....and had way too many calories for breakfast.  I feel like my wagon is up on 2 wheels right now w/ such a crappy start to my day calorie-wise...but if it's nothing that can't be corrected if I pay attention to the rest of my choices today.  All it really means is I used the cals too early....and I'll be hungrier tonight...it's not the first time I've done this.  Tomorrow will be much better, because I'm actually going to take the time to PREPARE tonight...thinking of making some egg muffins in my cupcake pan for breakfast for the next few days....it will cover my Friday and take me right through the weekend, which is just what I need to help me with the weekend eating.  Preparing ahead of time really is the key for me to getting it right.  My mind's in the right place right now....at least for the moment...so I need to take full advantage of it by planning and prepping to stay ahead of the game. 

One more thing.  I chose not to drink any water before the funeral yesterday because I knew I had an hour and a half drive ahead of me....and didn't want to get up during the funeral to go to the restroom.  So when I got home at 7:30p last night I immediately filled up my 32 oz water glass.....and I drank 3 1//2 of those between 7:30 and midnight.  I also drank an 8 oz. cup of hot tea.  So that's what...about 120 oz of liquid yesterday?  Hooray.  :)  Of course, I was up peeing all night, so no wonder I didn't get good rest and ended up oversleeping and nearly making myself late for work.  Duh. 

Anyhoo...today's off to a rough start, but I'm going to level it out as the day goes on, and will end up within my calorie goal of 1870 cals by night's end.  I'm glad tomorrow is Friday...I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  :)


  1. None of us will ever get this 100% right every single day. You did great to not eat after you got home. Glad you have a peaceful weekend ahead. Have you posted the recipe for the egg muffins?

  2. I'm sorry yesterday was rough. Don't let the bad start ruin the rest of your day. I'm famous for that whole "I've ruined it already so I may as well eat bad all day" kind of attitude. Just make sure to eat lots of fiber today to keep you feeling full. Lately I've been having the 25 calorie hot chocolate and that seems to fill me up in the afternoons. Hang in there my friend. You have the right attitude right now and you are so right about preparing. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same for the weekend coming up. That preparation will include your little buffalo chicken lasagna cups!! xoxo

  3. Thought about you all day yesterday...

    Just glad that you are in the wagon...even if it's a wild ride...:)

    I think (no, I guess that I really know this already!) that preparation is key--and I am lousy at that currently...but eating on the fly isn't working so well for me, either...so I do think that you are onto something.

    Like you--can't wait for the weekend!!!

  4. Tammy I think you did great considering what you had going on yesterday. Its hard to stay on track away from home, and also considering that you were going through a stressful situation, you did well. Your mind is in the right place and that is 99% of the battle. Have a great weekend!