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Monday, November 1, 2010

Half Good/Half Bad Weekend Choices

Crap, I don't want to write this post, lol.  I really don't, but here it goes....

Saturday I did fantastic.  I ate at home....we were in Six Flags for 5 hours and I ate NOTHING.  Dwayne had a barbecue brisket sandwich and curly fries while we were there.  I ate NOTHING.  So very proud of that.  And got all my water in.

Sunday I croaked.  I ate the Chinese food, even though I had eaten before I left the house.  The sights and smells once I got in the restaurant and fixed plates for the kids proved to be too much.  Yeah...I suck.  I guess I could be happy that I only ate 1 plate, instead of the 2 or 3 I used to eat at a Chinese buffet...or be happy that I had water instead of Coke...but no....I'm not happy. 

I am happy though that I got one out of the two days right.  That is an improvement from previous weekends, and I'm happy that I concentrated on my water and drank all I was supposed to each day.

I lost nothing the first week of Allan's Challenge.  I started at 247 lbs last Monday, and I'm 247 this morning.  For the record, I was 245 yesterday morning....pre-Chinese food.  That's actually up 1 lb. from the 244 I was last Friday....but....Mother Nature showed up Friday night and I can't get my ring off my finger if that tells you anything about my bloating issues. 

I'm not dumping the challenge....I'm staying on board.  Maintaining is always better than gaining....and each day is a chance to make better choices than the day (weekend) before.  The Halloween candy was not an issue for me, as candy rarely is.  We had a bowl of Butterfingers and Reese's....1 bag each....we got about 25 kids last night....so there were only 3 pieces of candy left.  I'm sure Dwayne will eat them in the next day or two.  No major temptation for me, as I bought candy that is nowhere near my favorite kind.  There are no Snickers in my house for a reason. 

I'm going to keep working on this weekend thing.  I told Dwayne I am not going anywhere next weekend....I'm too dang tired this morning, and I'm too dang fat.  I'm staying at home where it's calorie-friendly and restful next weekend.   Have a great day friends.  :)


  1. Smart move on keeping the candy that makes you weak OUT of the house!! lol, I'm struggling with trying not to dip into my kids' Halloween candy! Glad you did so well at six flags on Saturday!! I am horrible with things like that, I go somewhere & smell the food & wanna stuff my face with all that is fried, dipped, & yummy!

  2. Hey! Congrats on Saturday. And NO YOU DON'T SUCK! You're human. I was thinking that maybe the next time you take them out, you could pick the place, even though part of their fun is getting to choose. Or...you could have them to your place and fix an extravaganza of some of the amazing healthy dishes you've photographed and posted about! Like the pita pizzas, which we had Friday night and then I had yesterday for lunch that were awesome!

    Hopefully by the end of the challenge next Monday you'll have dropped the water weight (sprung a leak, so to speak!) And you'll see the fruit of your effort in that damn scale #!

    Friday night around 7, I said to Tom, "Hey, last week at this time I was with Tammy!" Such a nice memory. Hang in there, woman!

  3. As they say on all addictions; One day at a time. :0)
    At least you are not giving in to a lot of temptations like I am. :0(
    Good work Tammy !!!

  4. Yep maintaining is better than gaining. Hang in there Tammy I'm sure you'll get better and better at managing the weekends.

  5. I think you did GREAT considering the temptations. An amusement park AND Chinese buffet in one weekend? I would've caved. The weekends are hardest for me too as we eat out almost every Saturday and cook a big meal on Sunday. Give yourself a pat on the back..you did GREAT!

  6. One good day is better than no good days :)

    That's where I stand about now, mother nature and mother in law are driving me to eat everything not nailed down!!

  7. I too think you did great Tammy! Anything that's an improvement from the old ways is a plus in my book! Hang in there...

  8. Weekends are so hard! Keep at it girl! :D