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Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Day

Boy it's been a rough day in the way of staying hungry. I pop something in my mouth every 3 hours (this is how short of an amount of time it is before my stomach starts growling since the last meal) and I never feel full or satisfied. This is a learning process. I will be glad when I finally figure out my best use of calories so I won't stay so hungry. I'm obviously wasting a lot of calories on meat so I've still got some adjusting to do in my daily diet. I think I'm finished eating for the day so I'm going to post my stats.

Goal Stats:

Calories 1550
Carbs 250
Fat 60
Protein 136

Today's Stats:

Calories 1578
Carbs 143
Fat 45
Protein 166

Here's my food intake for the day:

-Asparagus and mushroom breakfast casserole w/ 3 slices of Candian bacon
-Turkey burger (on whole wheat sandwich thin w/ lite mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomato, onion)
-Stuffed peppers (included ground round, baby asparagus, mushrms, brown rice, spices)
-Lots of water (10 8 oz. glasses)
-8 oz glass of tea mixed 2/3 unsweet, 1/3 sweet)
-2 c. coffee w/ sugar free Coffee Mate hazelnut creamer
-1 c. watermelon
-a crack wrap (flat out w/2 tbsp hummus & 2 slices Kraft fat free Swiss, grilled...Heaven)
-2 c. sauteed veggies
-3 baby dill pickles

For a tutorial on how to make a crack wrap and pics of the gooey cheese oozing out of it when you cut it in half, go check out Sarah's blog at LovIn My Tummy. She's listed on my blogroll. Today was the first time I've ever tried one....I now see how it got it's name. Delish. :)

Again, I'm still over in calories as I've been every day since I started, but it's the closest I've come to the goal number so far. Today is a win!

Tomorrow is Saturday and my designated Free Day. When I weighed last Friday and saw 272 lbs. I decided it was time to get a friggin' grip. Then I remembered that we had made plans with friends the week prior to have dinner out on Saturday at a BBQ restaurant. Cripes. I was on the verge of saying forget it for the rest of my life. Something is ALWAYS going on and it's usually on a Saturday. Then it dawned on me. Rather than giving up hopes of ever trying again to get this weight off, just give myself one free day a week. I have a lot of friends and family and that provides a multitude of opportunities to get together and celebrate, or in other words, eat crap. We had 3 family birthdays and Mother's Day all in the month of May...which we consolidated into one day to celebrate everything.

Dwayne comes over 3-4 weeknights after work but it's not usually a problem in the way of eating because he eats dinner at home before he comes to my place. However, he's ALWAYS here all day on Saturday. When we have cookouts with our friends, like we're doing tomorrow for my roommate's 40th birthday, it's ALWAYS on a Saturday. So designating a free day is going to eliminate buckets of stress and guilt for me. I do not see it as a license to throw caution to the wind and eat with wild abandon. However, I'm not going to beat myself up if I eat something I wouldn't normally eat the other 6 days a week. If I want to drink 2-3 beers at a cookout, I'm going to. I will still list everything I ate on my blog but I'm giving myself a day off from counting the calories.

I asked Pam last wknd what she thought of this idea and she said her and Randall did the same thing when they first started out. She said over time free day basically faded away on it's own just because they got into such a habit of eating the right things. That's exactly what I'm hoping will happen to me. But for now, Saturdays are going to be my official day off. After staying hungry all day today, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

I'm a retard when it comes to knowing how to load pics in the text on my posts. However I plan on taking some pics at the party tomorrow and posting them soon after. I just have to figure out how to do it. PAAAMMM!!!!! Where are youuuuuuu??? I need help......AGAIN. :)

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