A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suggestion Box

Today was not a win. I went over my calories but it wasn't horrendous so I'm not going to freak. I am mad at myself for pushing myself over though with a stupid half of a can of Sprite. I was sitting at 1547....another win....and then decided I didn't want anymore water today....I wanted something carbonated....just a little....like half of a can. Well that stupid decision cost me 70 dang calories and turned today into a loss. How stoopid.


Calories 1550
Carbs 250
Fat 60
Protein 136


Calories 1617
Carbs 220
Fat 32
Protein 130

Here is my food intake for the day:

Breakfast casserole
2 c. coffee w/ sugar free creamer

Turkey burger on Arnold's whole wheat mini thin w/ lite mayo, dijon, ketchup, tomato, onion
6 baby dill pickles

Turkey stroganoff (ground turkey, whole wheat noodles, fat free sour cream, beef broth, milk)

Hummus and crackers
Protein water
Lots of regular water
glass of orange pomegranate red tea mixed 2/3 sweet, 1/3 sweet
1/2 can of Sprite.....grrrr
3 Musketeers fun size bar

I must tell you about my excellent dinner. Go to Pam's lobsterandfishsticks blog on my blogroll and look up the beef stroganoff. She found a way to healthify one of my favorite comfort foods w/o sacrificing any of the taste. It is absolutely wonderful and all of you MUST try it. The only thing I did to change the recipe is use some ground turkey burger because that's what I had, and was trying to save some calories over using beef. I followed everything else and it was soooooo good. Thanks Pam! You are so awesome, you little healthy-cooking guru!

I've been thinking about a couple of different things that I just can't seem to make up my mind about and I need to enlist your help. I need suggestions!! The first issue at hand is whether or not I should switch up my calorie count. My doctor told me a while back that if trying to lose weight, you should never eat the same amount of calories more than a week in a row. She said, for example, eat 1200 one week and 1400 the next and just keep switching back and forth. Since we know I'm already at 1550, then that means raising it to 1750 next week. My hesitation is probably obvious to everyone reading this. More calories eaten = less pounds lost. My doctor said this keeps your body from getting used to any one thing, because when it does, it adjusts to the lower intake and the weight loss slows. So according to her, raising the calories back and forth is actually supposed to help me. I suppose I could do 1550 for 2 wks, like I'm in the middle of doing now, and then do 1750 for 1 week, then switch back again. I just can't decide. Everyone, tell me what you think, either by posting a comment at the end of this post, or sending me a private email at tammyjortagus@yahoo.com.

The second thought is a happy one. I was trying to think of a way to put a positive twist on this weight loss thing and then it finally hit me.....REWARDS!!! Do you know during the entire time I lost that 83 lbs, I never rewarded myself at any stage of it? Not even at the end! 83 whopping lbs and no reward! Not this time. This time I'm going to reward my efforts, and I'm going to do it frequently to keep the positivity flowing. I thought of a couple of different things, but my imagination is limited. Maybe a new piece of clothing. Maybe a big plate of my favorite....SEAFOOD...grilled, of course, and probably on a Free Day. Maybe a little wknd trip to the mountains if I can do some cleaning for Mom and make some money to stay in a cheap hotel over night. That's as far as I've gotten with my thoughts. I want your suggestions! I'm also trying to decide at what intervals I want to do this. I first thought 20 lbs, but nah, that's too long. I want this to be FUN!! I think I'm going to go with a reward every 15 lbs. That's 6 rewards between now and goal weight and that sounds like awesome incentives! Let me know soon on both topics....and thanks for the help! :)


  1. Hey Tammy, don't beat yourself up about the calories today. That's still definitely within a healthy range. By the way, since you seem to have a problem taking soda completely out of your diet at this point, have you tried drinking diet? It's still not good for you, however it doesn't have any calories, and I think Coke Zero tastes remarkably similar to Coke.

    Anywho, about the calories, I would say to keep with what you're at until you hit a plateau, if you're worried about switching them up. It's true that your body will get used to it eventually, but how long it takes to get used to it is different for everybody. So see how long you can go with the 1550, and then maybe up it a little, and by that time I'm sure you'll have better will power anyway.

    As for rewards, that's a great idea! I think it's a really important thing to do when losing a lot of weight because it is a lot of hard work. As far as food rewards go, I'd say to save those until you're close to your goal. Clothing is a good idea, maybe start with some new shoes or accessories until you've lost more of the weight that you want to, and then start getting some clothes that'll fit your awesome new body. :)

  2. Those are all very thoughtful suggestions and make a lot of sense....thanks so much Rebecca! :)