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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya'

I read Pam's weight loss blog this morning: http://www.thinnerin08.blogspot.com/ She wrote about passions cut short. Hers were singing and writing....mine acting and dancing. Neither one of us are doing what we once loved in the capacity that we dreamed we would. I've been thinking about it all day. I especially love dance and I haven't done it in many years, due to the weight. I miss it so much. One day down the road I hope to dance again. It's one of my goals.

It's still an innate part of my being. Music inspires me...makes me want to move. Dancing is one of my greatest loves. And I must say, at the risk of sounding too boastful, I'm darn good at it. I can boogie. I've got more rhythm than a sackful of sistahs. As a matter of fact, Soul Train used to be one of my absolute favorite TV shows as a kid. The only two things I was missing was a darker tan and a 'fro.

I still dance I guess, but I do it alone. (Refer to this morning's post after seeing 6 lbs. gone on the scale). There is one song that gets me moving though, no matter where I'm at. It's my all-time favorite song because I just can NOT be still when I hear it, no matter who's watching. I'm almost positive it's by the Bee Gee's.....Stayin' Alive. Every time I hear it on the radio my butt muscles start flinching, my hips get to swaying, my shoulders slowly start moving up and down and by the time I get to the chorus I'm in full swing! My right arm shoots up to the left side of my body, index finger pointing to the heavens, and then back down to the side of my right hip, pointing at the floor....back and forth, back and forth, all while envisioning John Travolta in a leisure suit...I am groovin' man.... I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me.....in my car.....at a red light. That's right. I have no shame.

Gotta' run...Dwayne just got here....but I'm sure I'll be back later.....
(SOOOOOOOUUUUUULLLLLL TRAAAAAIIINN....Oww! Look at now....I'm fixin' to break it down....)


  1. Hahaha, I am the queen of car dancing-while-driving. I don't care about the funny looks I get while at red lights. I really love to dance, too. Whenever anybody asks me if I could do anything as a career, without looking into whatever hinderences there might be, it would unequivocally be a professional dancer. I absolutely love it. But now I don't get to very much either. The closest I get is my exercise dance DVDS. Hey! Maybe that's something you should look into. There are a lot of fun ones out there now that incorporate a lot of fun dance moves to make a good cardio workout, and they really do get you sweating, but they're fun!

  2. Rebecca....Thanks so much for the suggestion...I had never thought about that. Great idea! I'll be putting up a post about exercise soon!

  3. No problem, I'm glad you like it. :-) I have several dance exercise DVDs, so let me know if you need any suggestions.