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Friday, June 19, 2009

From Bad to Good

I must apologize. I said that I was going to start listing what I ate, beginning with yesterday, and after the pork rib incident it totally slipped my mind. Here's what I ate yesterday:

Asparagus & mushroom breakfast casserole
Turkey burger
Big salad w/ baked chicken breast
Pork rib
Chicken wings (2)
Lots o' water
Bowl of sauteed veggies (2 c.)
Lowfat cheesestick

Let me tell you about Kevin from Closet Cooking. I want to marry him just so he can cook for me every day. This is his website: http://closetcooking.blogspot.com/ He makes food look so scrumptuous. Sometimes it's healthy, most times it's not, lol. My goal in life is now going to be to take his bad recipes and make them good. Pam's word for it is "healthify". I love that word. The breakfast casserole is from his blog. He made it a few days ago. I used baby asparagus because I just don't care for those big fat stalks. I used 10 egg whites instead of whole eggs, and I used reduced fat Kraft Colby Jack finely shedded cheese instead of goat cheese. He says to use an 8x8 dish, which I did, and cut it into 6 svgs. Yeah right. I cut it into 4 to have bigger pieces. I totaled all the nutrition stats and divided by 4. Each piece has 191 calories, 6 carbs, 10 fat and 28 protein. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely be making this breakfast many times over. I was actually planning on having the rest of it for breakfast the next 3 days. However, my roommate Shane came along and ate a piece.....then ate another, telling me how fantastic it was. There went this week's breakfast.....GRRRRR. But I'm glad he enjoyed it. I had one piece left and had it for breakfast this morning.

I've got to throw Shane a 40th b-day cookout/party tomorrow so I need to get some housework done today. I'll be back later!


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning that blog. I'm kind of wanting to marry that guy now, too. Haha. I mean, I like to cook, but my food doesn't look like that. One of my favorite things is really good food photography (weird, I know), and his blog is great for that, so thanks!

  2. Screwdestiny....Thanks for the congrats..it means a lot to me! May I ask your name? :)