A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Made It

Well I made it to weigh day without screwing it up. I weigh 251.0 this morning for a 3 lb. loss. Although this isn't the highest amount of lbs. I've lost in a week, it is by far the biggest victory, due to the rough week I've had while trying to stay on track. Dwayne just called and said he's taking the day off and he's coming to pick up me and Scarlette to take us hiking. I'm glad. I need to get out and get some fresh air and a fresh perspective on things. I made the decision to delete any further emails I get from the girls w/o even reading them. This craziness has to stop sometime. I want my life back. I want to sleep again. I want to think positive, happy thoughts. But above all, I want my full focus and attention back on this weight loss thing. It's just too important. :)


  1. WTG on the loss! Keeping your focus is a big part of your ongoing success, so you're smart to make it a big priority.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Reading these words from you makes me so happy and proud for you. Exactly right, exactly. Don't let there desires to keep the drama alive infiltrate your life. I love your attitude. You're throwing out their drama and you're focusing on the most important thing. Your transformation is going to be an amazing one my friend---super inspiring and absolutely incredible.
    Congratulations on the weight loss!!

    My best always---and thank you for the very considerate e-mail last evening during my event. You're a class act Tammy.


  3. Great job on the 3 pound loss this week. I think that's great! Have a wonderful weekend, and you're right - keeping on top of your eating plan is really important.

  4. Well done on a great weight loss - I am sure I would have comfort eaten, so you did especially well this week.

    Also well done on deleting those emails - save your sanity from those energy suckers.

    And, have a lovely hike - that will certainly lift your spirits. Life is good!

  5. Congatulations on your weight loss, Tammy! And good on you for deleting further e-mails and walking away from the crap. Truthfully, some people are HAPPIER when they know they've gotten a rise out of you. You've said your piece, so let that be that and move on. I can't wait to read of your future victories here!

  6. You go, Tammy! That's really great that you were able to stay with your plan even with all that was flung at you. And good plan on not reading any future emails. You don't deserve the stress and the nasty comments.

  7. Congratulations Tammy! I'm glad you are learning to focus on the important thing here - your health and your future!
    Love, Mom O.

  8. Thanks everyone...but to tell you the truth...my loss this week wasn't due to dilligence and focus. I thought about it, and I think it's due to forming new habits maybe? Just eating healthier foods because that's all I have in my house...I dont' have anything fattening and calorie-laden to binge on....and I managed to keep myself from going out to get anything...that would have taken more effort than I wanted to put out. So I'm really not all that awesome for the loss this week, lol, but thanks for the congrats anyway. Dwayne and I did our hike today and it was awesome...I'm getting my focus back. Didn't have to delete any emails today because nobody sent any. Hallelujah! :)