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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts. I have read every one of them, but haven't had time to respond to everyone due to a REALLY busy and enjoyable weekend. But I have noticed....and thanks to those who aren't even followers on my blog, but have stopped by to leave their kind words. You're a fantastic bunch of people and I'm really enjoying the comraderie that is forming with us. :)

My weekend has been spectacular. You already know about the 2.5 mile hike on Friday and the 4 mile hike yesterday. We decided not to hike today and just let our bodies rest. I ran out to the salon and got a pedicure with the money Dwayne gave me for it last week....very sweet. I did a few chores around the house, just enjoying my day until Dwayne showed up to take me to Outback for dinner. I thought his gift-giving was complete but I was happily mistaken.

Last weekend, when he thought it was my birthday and was actually a week early, he gave me $100 for new clothes, $40 for the pedicure and 2 awesome books that I've really been enjoying this week. Today he gave me the sweetest card....4 beautiful candles with lovely scents....and a pair of diamond earrings in the shape of little flowers....they are gorgeous!! I explained before in a post entitled "My Guy" that Dwayne shows his love through giving you material items and cash...it looks like he loves me a lot! :)

Regarding the food this weekend....it's been bad. I admit it. I had a 3 lb loss this past Friday and will probably follow that up with a 5 lb. gain this week. I'm not being melodramatic. I got on the scale this morning and I've gained 5 lbs. since Friday and not sure if I'll be able to get it off in the next 4 short days!

Friday I had a light breakfast and a light dinner but after our 2.5 mile hike we had a heavy lunch in a restaurant. Sodium. Saturday I had a light breakfast and 2 c. of watermelon for lunch....maybe a total of 350 calories before dinner....but for dinner we had that food from the Publix deli...some of it was fried...plus MORE sodium. Today I had a light breakfast and a light lunch....maybe 500 calories before dinner. But then we went to Outback. I had 1 grilled chicken breast, 3 grilled shrimp, 1/2 of my rice pilaf, 1/2 of my grilled veggies, and HALF A LOAF of that dang bread they bring you!!! Plus EVEN MORE SODIUM!!!

I'm not worried about the gain that I so very much deserve and will probably see this Friday and here's why. My mind is still in the right place. I was conscious of every eating choice I made this weekend. It's unrealistic to think I will never eat in a restaurant again.....although most weekends I don't and won't be eating restaurant meals 3 consecutive days like I did this time! But that's just the way the weekend went, I enjoyed every single second of my stress-free weekend....the hikes way more than the food. And I've still got a tight grip on the overall picture and goal.

The weekend was full of sodium...... but it was also full of hiking, together time with my guy and my puppy dog, some lovely birthday gifts, positive thoughts and lots of laughter...and this will usurp any disappointment I earned on the scale this week. The next week will be better and will produce a loss....I just know it! I've got this thing...I'm going to beat it. I've never been filled with so much resolve in my entire life. I've never been so SURE of something before. I know I'm going to slay Obesity. I know I'm going to win. Not exactly sure how long it will take me....hopefully by next April....but if it's a little longer....it doesn't really matter....Obesity is going down!!! It's days are numbered...and that's an incredibly powerful feeling. :)

Quote For The Day:

"Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement." -Brian Tracy


  1. That's my girl! It's good to hear you so confident and sure of yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing your skinny self! You're a beautiful girl.
    I love you. Mom O.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    That gain is probably just water due to the sodium, drink plenty and watch what you eat over the next 4 days and you may well be pleasantly surprised on Friday.

  3. Happy birthday, Tammy! So glad to hear you had a great weekend, and it sounds like your mind is in the right place!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    And way to go, one minor setback is all it is. Get right back in the game!!

  5. Happy Birthday! You know that water gain can be lost just as quickly as it shows up! Making solid good choices at restaurants can be hard---but it's not impossible! You're doing fantastic! I know your brain is in the right place---you got this!

    My best always,

  6. You sound so positive! I wish you all the best, and you can SLAY obesity! Great phrase!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Your right - your head is in a good place - you sound great! DO NOT sweat the pound or two - it's your freekin birthday! And you desereved to enjoy it - like you said, with you head still in the right place. You still have your priority's in place. Celebrate life, and that great guy you have ! Then, it's back to work!

  8. Tammy -
    I have to share something with you something I just realized. I am at the exact place you were when you started - 272. My goal that I set up in February on Sparkpeople was to loose 100 lbs by December when we are taking a trip to Memphis for my daughters b-day. I just realized, through simple math, that I have already blown my goal.. With only 4 + months left, the BEST I could do is to loose another 40 lbs by December - bringing me down to 230, rather than 180 or 190 like I had hoped. I really thought this time felt different, like I was going to make it. Now, with the reality of time in my face, I feel totally defeated again. My worst fear is that I will board a plane in December, (first time flying with my family) and my weight will cause a problem because I only booked ONE seat! I still remember my husbands face years ago when we got on a ride at Six Flags and it could not take off because of my weight. I can't live with that humiliation again., I have taken my eyes off the prize, and it has shifted just a little left.

  9. Blue Moon....YOU are NOT giving up! There is no defeat...do not allow that from yourself! You and I will work together and we will both reach our goals. I've ridden in a plane seat at 290 lbs. 230 lbs. is a breeze! You are going to be fine. I've also suffered the embarassment of having to get off of an amusement park ride in Maggie Valley, NC at a place called Ghost Town in the Sky. The bar wouldn't click. Everyone sat there and watched as the ride attendant tried and tried to get it to latch and it just wouldn't. So I had to get up in front of everyone and "walk the plank" to get off the ride. That is one of THE most embarassing moments of my life. I'm going to fix this weight problem so it never happens again...and you are too! I'll be posting on your blog tonight and I'm bringing some friends with me. My best friend Pam and Sean...they are 2 of my biggest inspirations. We will help you get to your goals. You put in the effort and we'll help you keep your eyes on the goal and focus all the way!! Any other followers of my blog that are reading this comment....our friend Blue Moon needs our help!! Find her on my blogroll and please, please...offer your encouragement and inspirational thoughts on her blog! :)

  10. Everyone....Susan at Blue Moon has a weight loss blog. It's called The Quiet Diet and it's listed on my blogroll. Please visit her site and offer her all of the encouragement that all of you and Susan herself have offered me.