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Friday, April 2, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 1

If anyone missed my last post from this morning detailing my Beach Challenge, then please go back and read it!!  Everyone that wants to join in is welcome to do so.  I will be posting pics of EVERY calorie I eat, every day, for the next 4 weeks.  Anyone participating in this challenge is welcome to copy this badge over to their own blog.  Here's Day 1:

Breakfast was at 8am.  I had a chicken sausage link and 4 egg whites.

Calories:  168

My parents, sister, niece and nephew came over today for lunch.  We ate around noon.  We had lettuce tacos made from ground chicken breast & a 40% lower sodium taco seasoning packet.  My tacos had chicken, diced tomatoes and onions, 2% cheddar cheese, reduced fat sour cream and black olives.  They were fantastic!!  The whole family loved this meal.

Calories:  277

I enlisted my sister Amy's help with my menu planning this week.  This is a simple salad that she loves...it was quite tasty!!  Lettuce w/ a can of solid white albacore tuna, onions, capers & 2 Tbsp of Greek dressing.  I ate this around 2pm.


After my salad, I had a Hershey's Dark Chocolate Nugget w/ Almonds.  Chocolate is a MUST.  lol

Calories:  45

Around 4pm I had a Jimmy Dean's D-Lights breakfast sandwich.  Whole wheat bagel w/ turkey sausage, lowfat cheese, and an egg white.  I'm going to try to eat the higher sodium foods that I have earlier in the week so I have time to flush it before my weigh-ins on Friday.

Calories:  260

At 5pm I had a banana.  It's about medium-sized.  I'm getting all of my calorie counts for my food off of http://www.sparkpeople.com/

Calories:  109

Dinner was at 7pm and Dwayne ate with me.  I baked some turkey breast tenderloins for us.  I had 6 oz. of turkey.  Then I fixed him some Pasta Roni noodles and crescent rolls...I didn't have any of either.  For myself, I had 1 c. of steamed broccoli and 1 c. of Steamfresh chicken-flavored rice.  I plan on having the rest of the rice with my dinner tomorrow night.

Calories:  527

(Here's the rice I used for my dinner)

I had a navel orange at 8pm.

Calories:  62

At 9pm I enjoyed 2 c. of coffee w/ Coffeemate Sugar-free Hazelnut creamer.  Each Tbsp. has 15 cals and I use 1 Tbsp per cup.  I won't be taking pics of my beverages such as water and coffee.  If a Coke slips in there somewhere, I'll be sure to take a pic of it!

Calories for 2 Tbsp. of creamer:  30

Total Calories for Day 1:  1686

What a fantastic first day!!!  I'm very pleased with myself.  I loved taking the pics...this is just the accountability factor I was looking for.  I stayed under my 1800 calorie limit for the day, and the very cool thing is that I wasn't hungry today.  You'll notice that I spaced out my food every couple of hours so there was never time to get overly hungry.  I'm thrilled with this!!  Preparation played a big part in today's success.  Anyone who's participating in the challenge, I suggest you do the same thing.  It can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.  I scanned my frig, freezer and pantry yesterday with my sister Amy and she helped me come up with a menu for my ENTIRE week.  Planning and prep are KEY!  The only thing we overlooked is Sunday....I totally forgot Easter was coming up when we made my menu, so I'll have to make some adjustments that day.  I don't even know what all Mom is fixing....there will be ham, potato salad and an array of veggies, just not sure what. 

This is one little tricky thing about counting calories....things that you don't prepare yourself, so it makes it more difficult to judge the calories.  I'm not sure how many calories are in potato salad, so I'll do what I always do when I'm not sure....ask my friend Pam!!  lol

Water intake:  (4) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  Rest day (NO...I'm not slacking off already, lol....I exercised the last 4 days in a row, Sun-Thur, so today was already a planned rest day.  :)

I hope everyone else is off to a GREAT start!!  I look forward to cheering everyone on, and thanks to all who didn't want to participate in the challenge, but are still here to show us their support!!  I'll be back tomorrow night with Saturday's food pics!!


  1. Dude, I'll cheer you on for sure, but I don't count calories or anything so I can't join in on the fun. Sounds like a great plan though!

  2. That all looks so good! I've made those lettuce tacos before and loved them. I think I'll add that to my menu for next week.

    You're off to a great start!!

  3. What a great day! All your food looked really good to me. Creative idea with the lettuce tacos!

  4. Great day! Very nice my friend!
    Looking forward to the challenge!

  5. Well done on keeping under your 1 800 calories allowed and I do love the presentation of your meals.
    I started an online group nearly a year and a half ago where I do just what you do...but without the pics, I track my food there daily...It does help as I know the girls from group will be checking what I eat and commenting if I eat badly...
    Going to enjoy following this challenge of yours.

  6. Great first day, Tammy. I sent you an email because blogger kept giving me an error when I tried to comment yesterday to tell you I'm in on the challenge. So do I need to tell you my weight? I'll do a post about it today - later. But I'm in and will figure out what I'm going to focus on regarding changes. And I need to make em, big time!!! Thanks -

  7. Crap...I totally forgot to weigh this morning!!

    Great job on your meals. Your nails look really good by the way. I was looking at the picture of you holding the orange and thought...dang her nails look good :)

  8. Hi Tammy. I am interested in your challenge but I don't think my body will lose 10lbs in 4 weeks anymore. It's just too small. I am def in though. I am on my way out the door but I will check your blog later tonight.

  9. You are doing great, eating well and healthy foods.
    Have a happy easter and a good week.