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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 26

This is one of those days when the accountability factor is going to bite me in the a$$.  It's been a bad, bad day.  The only thing I got totally right was the water intake....(5) 32 oz. glasses.  The exercise fell short, and the calorie total is horrendous....I don't even know what the total is, but it's bad.

About the exercise....my sister Amy and I went to the park this morning to get it done.  The plan was to do my normal 4 miles.  I decided to try some jogging again today since my knee wasn't bothering me from yesterday.  Instead of doing it on the 2 mile trail, I decided to do it on the track, so I could see how far I can jog in one little spurt....I knew it was only 20-30 seconds at a time, but I wanted to know the distance.  One loop around the track is 1/4 mile.  It turns out I can only jog 1/2 a loop, or 1/8 of a mile.  So I jogged the first half of a loop, then walked the second half, and I did that repeatedly, switching between walking and jogging, for 2 miles.  Then my lower back started locking up on me and my hips were aching.  I walked the next 4 laps, to complete 3 miles, with no jogging that time.  By the end of 3 miles I was hobbling, and couldn't even walk the 4th mile.  I'm wondering if this has anything to do with not stretching before I tried to jog, or if I'm just too friggin' fat still to even be TRYING to jog.  I don't know, but it was bothersome and put me in a bad mood.

We left the park and stopped by the grocery store.  I needed some celery to make a seafood salad for tomorrow.  Amy hit the salad bar, which by the way is huge and yummy at this store, and stupid me went over where she was to look around.  Big mistake.  I already had a bbq chicken breast that I baked last night and steamed veggies planned for lunch.  Well I saw some pasta salad that I thought I "needed" to eat, so I got about 1 c. worth.  It was good, but kind of dry, so I don't think it was loaded with mayo.  It had a few little pieces of ham and green peas in it, too.  I had to guesstimate the calories, since this was totally off plan.

My sister was driving and I was hungry, so I ate it in the car.  Because this was unplanned, I also didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take a pic of it.  When I got home, I ate the chicken breast by itself w/o any sides, since I'd already eaten the cup of pasta salad. 

First huge mistake bad decision of the day....not completing 4 miles at the park.
Second bad decision of the day....pasta salad.
On to the 3rd bad decision!!

A little while later, around 2pm, my other sister, Brandy, called and wanted me to meet her for lunch.
Chinese buffet.
My first instinct was to say no, and I did, but then I changed it and said, "Hey, you know what....you asked me last week to go with you and I turned you down.  Sure, I'll go with you today."  Doh!!!!  This was my 3rd unplanned and bad decision of the day.  Why did I do this the last week of the challenge?  Why did I do this on a Tuesday, not knowing if I can flush the sodium by Friday morning?  Because sometimes I'm just a moron, and I make stupid decisions....that's why.  Oh you do not know how bad I didn't want to grab that camera when I was heading out the door.  But I did.  The accountability factor of taking pics for a whole month loses all of it's purpose if I don't actually take the pics.  And to my credit, I will say that the camera has saved me from many, many bad choices this month.  How often, since I started blogging last June, have I lost over 14 lbs in a month?  None.  Never.  Not til this month, when I started taking pics of "nearly" everything...except for a couple of times when I truly forgot. 

So I took the camera....photographed my sins...and now I'm reporting them.  We ate about 2:30p, and I was feeling so guilty I didn't even want to eat dinner tonight.  But I knew that I had to cook for Shane, so I finally drug myself to the kitchen and made something around 7:15pm.  Of course, once I smelled it cooking, I wanted to eat some.  So I very carefully measured out my calories as best I could to keep it as low as possible since the rest of the day was a complete disaster.  I'm trying to teach myself that if you have a major screw up during your day, DO NOT let it ruin the whole day, or the next day, or the rest of the week.  I'm trying to learn that each meal should be compartmentalized, and not let a bad choice snowball into several more bad choices.  This has taken a lot of practice, and I don't have it perfected yet, but I'm working on it.

So....here's my food pics for the day, and the calorie counts that I could figure out.  I don't have a total count for the whole day, due to the Chinese food.

Breakfast was at 8am.  3 egg whites on a low-carb wheat wrap w/ 1 slice of 2% American cheese and some Rotel (tomatoes & green chilies) w/ 1 Tbsp of lite mayo.  This was simple, but yummy.

Calories:  231

I'm ballparking the pasta salad, but don't have a pic.
Calories:  350

This is the bbq sauce I put on my baked chicken.  It is my all-time favorite.  It comes from a restaurant right here in Georgia...there's one in Marietta and one in Canton, and I'm not sure where else.  I was watching a show on PBS one night about the top 10 BBQ restaurants on Georgia and this place made #4 on the list.  They have the best ribs I've ever eaten in my life....so I don't go there very often.  Zero control when it comes to those ribs, lol.  I buy this sauce in my favorite grocery store, Publix.

Calories:  210

My worst choice of the day...Calories:  ???

I found some fantastic chicken sausages in Ingles grocery store, which I don't shop at very often because I love Publix so much....but these were excellent.  I made a big stir fry with these organic spinach and feta chicken sausages, which are 120 cals each (I had one cut up on my plate), and some fresh mushrooms, onions, red and yellow peppers.  I used extra virgin olive oil, instead of just the Pam cooking spray this time.  I'm guessing 50 cals for the oil on my plate....the veggies were maybe 40 cals?  And I used 1/2 c. of Steamfresh brown rice, which is 75 cals.  This meal was excellent....Shane loved it, too.  He asked me to send the leftovers in his lunch tomorrow.

Calories:  285

So yeah....bad day calorie-wise.  I haven't gotten on the scale yet this week...I think I'm too scared.  But I've got 2 days left to make good choices and I'm not throwing in the towel yet.  Granted, I only have to lose 1.6 lbs. this week to reach my 16 lb. goal for the month and get to 225 lbs before I leave for the beach....but it's stupid decisions like the ones I made today that will keep me from reaching my goals...both short-term and long-term.  I realize that...and I'm going to do better. 

I almost said I'll TRY to do better...but then I was reminded of one of my favorite sayings...I think it was Yoda who said "Do...or do not...there IS no try."

Amen, brother.


  1. Your portions don't look out of whack with the Chinese Tammy. High sodium yes, and high sugar with the sauce, yes, but not a pig out. You'll meet your goals, which is more than I can say for myself!!! And, I've stuck to my program. FRUSTRATING!

  2. well...tomorrow is another day.
    Good luck. You will be fine.
    You just brush it off and don't let it snowball..k.
    See you on the flip side

  3. Some days we don't win every battle. Don't beat yourself up over it, what's done is done, time to move on.

  4. I totally agree with Dawne that the sodium and sugar are probably pretty high, but that the meal itself doesn't look out of control at all. I think you'll be fine. Stick with it though, Tammy! You are doing so well; this is no time to let yourself slip!

    As for the jogging, don't get too frustrated. I hurt my hip running just a couple days ago. Keep doing it (after you feel better, of course, and so long as you don't actually injure yourself seriously) the best you can and before you know it you will be amazed at what you can do.

  5. It's a Blip!
    Just a Blip!!

    Drink your water and flush the sodium.
    You will be back on track today, you have done a
    Fabulous Challenge!!!



  6. Hi Tammy. This day contained a couple of bad decisions - but a disaster? No way. MOST of what you ate you were able to count. You pulled back after the Chinese and continued to count calories rather than throwing in the towel. Everyone will have occasions went they ate something they didn't plan on - you didn't let it snowball and that's the most important thing. I think today was a success!

    You can still hit that goal!

    Bearfriend xx

  7. You need to go read Diane's post from yesterday or re-read it if you did. She reminds us all of remembering where we came from. You know that the old you would have had a plate piled twice that high and gone back for seconds.

    You know you would not have thought twice about eating more of the pasta salad and still eat your entire lunch you had planned.

    Instead of cursing yourself, praise your accomplishments, acknowledge that you are human and move on to a better day!


  8. The lunch may be high in calories, but face it, it could have been WAY worse. you could have gone crazya nd that looks like a reasonalble plate to me so for that I say good job!

    - Lisa

  9. I want to add that when you said your first bad decision was to not do the whole 4 miles at the park, I disagree. You did 3, which is great. Some of it was jogging. Also great. When things started hurting, you stopped. Speaking from the perspective of having tried to keep going in spite of pain and having it literally bite me in both knees, I'm telling you that was a GOOD decision. You're doing great. Lifestyle, remember? Not perfection!

  10. Maybe the next time you find your brain tricking you into using the "Well, it's rude of me to keep turning people down" excuse, go out with them, but suggest a different place, where you can actually get something healthy. That way you can socialize and whatnot, but you're not screwing yourself over.