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Monday, April 12, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 11

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I'm feeling SO much better today.  It feels good to be able to breathe again, lol.  Let's get right to the food....'cause I've got a pic to show you that's going to make you think I've totally lost my mind, lol.

Breakfast was at 8am...my usual egg white scramble w/ 3 egg whites, 5 oz. baked chicken, bell pepper, onion, fresh mushrooms & 1/8 c. 2% shredded cheddar cheese.

Calories:  261

Mom asked me if I was interested in going to lunch today and I said sure.  After feeling like crap for the last several days, it was a welcome thought to get out and about in the sunshine and enjoy lunch with her and my nephew Cyress.  Where did we go?  CHINESE BUFFET!!!!!!  Do I feel bad about this choice?  Not one little tiny bit.  It was delicious, I enjoyed it, and it tamed the raging craving for Chinese food that constantly dwells within me.  YUM!

Calories:  ?????

However, I am bright enough to realize that if you have a calorie-laden lunch, then your food for the rest of the day needs to be on the lighter side.  I came home from lunch and drank (3) 32 oz glasses of water over the next few hours to start flushing the sodium.  I wasn't hungry again before I had to leave for the gym.  I got in a good, hard workout that I was proud of, then got back home around 8pm and fixed a quick dinner.  I already had the asparagus grilled and in the frig, and the brown rice in the frig, so I threw some baby scallops in the oven and broiled them in some lemon juice and minced garlic w/ just a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.  I had 5 oz. of scallops, 1/2 c. of brown rice, asparagus and a couple of slices of Roma tomato.  Very low calorie meal and quite tasty!

Calories:  254

Total Calories:  ?????

Water Intake:  (5) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  30 min strength training/40 min cardio - elliptical/treadmill w/ hand weights

I'm driking my 4th big glass of water now and will finish a 5th one before I go to bed.  I hopped on the scale this morning and I'm 232.4....so .6 of a lb. down from Friday's weigh-in.  I am only 2.6 lbs away from being in the 220's again....229.8 is my goal for this week.  I fully intend on reaching it.  :)

I haven't put any pics of myself up in a while so I let Mom take a couple of me today before we left for lunch.  My last progress pics on my sidebar were at 242 lbs, so I'm only 10 lbs less right now, but I've been working out in the gym for several months, so I think I've lost some inches.  I think I see enough of a difference in the pics to put these up even though the difference in weight isn't significant.  And I know it looks like I'm sucking in my stomach on the 2nd pic but I'm really not.....I just have no neck, lol.

Hope you all are RIGHT ON TRACK with your food and exercise.  If you're not....get to it!!!  Don't let the week get by without seeing some progress....the challenge is almost halfway over already!!!  I want to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of you hit your 10 lb. goal!!  :)

Both the top and the pants are an 18/20. 


  1. Good work! The weather where you are looks fabulous!

  2. Great pics!! The food, the weather, and YOU!!!

    You're doing so well---and I'm so glad you're feeling better today!!

    My best always


  3. well....glad you had a good day out and I have no idea what the difference is cause i don't think I saw the last ones...but, waiting eagerly for your next ones! ;o)
    Have a great night.

  4. Ha, you finally got that Chinese food!

  5. mmmmm. that all looked yummy. You are lookin good! Thanks for doing the challenge--it is really helping keep me motivated. I think I can make it:)


  6. thank you for your supportive comment on my blog. I don't feel so alone. I notice you drink a lot of water. Doe that help you to eat less?

    You look great by the way. I'd love to get tone up like you. How much more do you want to loose?

  7. So glad u are feeling better! And gurllll, those sizes don't fit you anymore! :-)

  8. I'm glad that you are feeling better.

    Great pictures. :D

    I have been craving Chinese, too. Love the stuff. Why does it have to be so danged bad for us?

  9. I can see the differences!!! You are looking F.A.B.!!!

  10. I haven't been having the greatest week (not the greatest weekend choices, and I'm sick), but you're really an inspiration. I love reading your blog...you're always so positive and motivating. :) I'm definitely committed to turning my week around and making up for my 1lb loss last week!

  11. Looking good! And I totally applaud absence of rigidity and inability for spontaneity that so many "dieters" fall into. Life style changes do not equal life sentence to rigid choices forever and always. Glad you're feeling better!

  12. You are looking very well!! Your clothes are hanging off you! :) Sometimes it feels good to get what we need to take away the craving. I am totally with you on that choice :)

  13. You are looking very fit! And how uplifting to see that sunlight in your pictures!

  14. Congrats on all your success. Keep up the good work.

  15. Your looking great! Your meals look so frsh, healthy and inspiring! They are all the things I am craving lately :)
    Keep moving forward, you are getting me back on track when I have needed it the most :)

  16. Great job attacking the rest of the day after Chinese buffet. I love chinese buffets. I haven't eaten one in a while, but man is it good.

  17. whooooooooooooooooooo Tammy way you go girl...looking so good.

  18. You look very good!

    It's interesting to see your food photos. You eat better foods than I do. I wonder... if that factors into your success..... Hmmmmmm.

  19. Boy does that Chinese food look good! Smart of you to keep the rest of the day very low-cal. You're looking great!