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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 20

Breakfast was at 8am...egg white scramble.

Calories:  251

I had to meet my cousin Jennifer for lunch today and she chose an old historic house that has been turned into a restaurant.  It's called The Foster House.  This is one of those old Southern houses that has a fireplace in nearly every room...I took some pics!

The menu was challenging to say the least.  It was full of a lot of country fare, such as Southern fried chicken livers and Mamie's fried chicken....then there were a few burgers....I did find a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp or chicken, but I figured the romaine was pre-tossed in the Caesar dressing and there'd be no possible way to count the calories for that.  Besides, I didn't want a full-fat dressing.  They had a couple of other salads that all had the same basic ingredients....lettuce, a couple of tomato wedges, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and the biggest croutons I've ever seen in my life...they must have been homemade.

I finally opted for the veggie plate.  Here were my list of choices:

french fries
fried sweet potato chips
fried okra
cole slaw (full of mayo)
mashed potatoes
macaroni 'n' cheese
green beans
 turnip greens
side salad

Can we say limited choices for healthy eating???

I chose the 4-veggie plate, and got the green beans, turnip greens, mashed potatoes and a side salad w/ lite raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

The mashed potatoes ended up being a good choice because there was no salt in them, or any of the other veggies for that matter, and there was no butter or cream in them...they were completely bland, so I very easily left half of them on my plate.  I picked the mixed spring greens & a couple of tomato chunks out of my salad and dipped them in my dressing.  Jennifer noted that I left all the cheddar cheese and bacon bits in the bottom of the bowl, lol.  I also only used about 1/2 of the dressing.

So, I ended up with 1/2 c. of mashed potatoes, 1 c. green beans, 1 c. turnip greens, a little lettuce & tomato and a little raspberry vinaigrette.

Calories:  233

Needless to say I was still hungry when I finished, lol.  I had to run errands for a couple of hours afterwards and stopped by a Larry's Subs around 2:30p for a REAL lunch.

I got my usual ham and turkey sub w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, lite mayo, spicy mustard & mushrooms.

Calories:  589

Dinner was salsa chicken at 6:30pm.  5 oz. chicken breast w/ Rotel, mushrooms, olives & 1/4 c. of shredded cheese along with 2 c. of steamed broccoli.

Calories:  315

For dessert I had a 60 calorie cup of sugar-free chocolate pudding that I forgot to take a pic of.
I'll have my 2 c. of decaf later...creamer is 30 cals.

Total Calories:  1478

Water Intake:  (4) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  2 mile walk at park with Scarlette

I've decided that if my arm isn't better after the weekend then I'll go to the doctor.  I'm taking Advil and keeping it in a sling for now.  It already feels a bit better after doing absolutely nothing with it today.  'Nite friends!  :)


  1. I didn't know that mac and cheese was in the veggie food group?? ;)

    I love that you post your food pics. It gives me menu ideas.

  2. Aubrey hurt his arm while I was away in July last year and went to the doc, they said to put it in a sling for 8-12 weeks or do that for 4 weeks and if that didn't help they could do surgery and that would take another 8-12 weeks to heal, he selected no surgery.

    Yikes that lunch looks scary - you should have told your coz you would like to go elsewhere :)

    Hope your arm is better soon.

  3. lol, @ mac n cheese on a veggie plate...what's next, deep fried gizzards dipped in cheddar sauce...holy crow.
    Good job..think I might have caved with the bacon bits though.
    I love me some bacon.
    I want that front porch...think they'd mind if I came and got it.
    NOw I am wondering what fried sweet potato chips taste like.

  4. what an awesome place to eat in. so full of character, although not so full of healthy menu options - you did well, considering!

  5. Gee, those Southerners really know how to do their veggies, huh? *eye roll* Sorry you had such lame choices to pick from, but you did so well! I hope your arm feels better soon.

  6. I guess by "veggie plate", they mean anything that isn't blatant meat! You did the best you could! You are totally rocking this now, Tammy. Great choices. The pic taking is definitely helping me so far! I could eat a 1/2 a cow right now, but I'm done for the night because the camera battery is charging! Can't wait to see your weight tomorrow - I'll bet you'll be below goal for the challenge!