A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 19

Well....I've got some good news and some bad news.  Let's talk about the good news first! 

Late last night while perusing a few blogs I found out about Tony "the Anti-Jared" challenging Jen at Prior Fat Girl to do 99 mins on the stairmaster.....and as a further challenge, she was to get 200 people to commit to doing at least 60 minutes of exercise today, April 20th, no matter what the exercise was. 

So that was my inspiration to get to the gym this morning and hit the treadmill!!  I walked 4 miles at a 3.5 speed and it took me 68 min 43 sec.  Woo Hoo!!  I met the challenge!!  The other cool thing I realized while doing this is that it always takes me 1 hr. 10 mins, or 70 mins, to walk 4 miles at the park, which means I've basically been keeping up the same 3.5 pace there as I do on the treadmill.  Groovy.  :)

Breakfast was a Jimmy Dean lite breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, egg white, cheese on a whole wheat bagel.

Calories:  260

After breakfast I got ready to go to the gym.  I had let Scarlette out in the front yard to play for a bit.  What I didn't know is that she was busy digging a hole to China, and was covered in dirt....so I had to give her a bath before I left for the gym.  Rotten baby.

Lunch was at 1:30pm.  I had a sandwich on a Thomas Everything bagel w/ 4 oz. Boar's Head low sodium ham, 1 Tbsp of lite mayo, tomato, red onion & dill pickle.

Calories:  275

An hour later I had a Chobani pomegranate yogurt.

Calories:  140

Then I had 1 c. of grapes.

Calories:  96

At 4:30 I made an egg salad sandwich with 2 boiled eggs, 2 Tbsp lite mayo and a little s&p on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

Calories:  340

I bought a bag of Easter candy, Hershey's chocolate eggs, a couple of weeks before Easter, and put them in the candy dish on my mantle over the fireplace.  I figured Shane and Dwayne would devour them.  For some reason they didn't. 

So I got tired of walking past them today and threw them in the trash.

Dinner was at 6pm.  I had 5 oz. of broiled cod w/ garlic power & Cajun seasoning, along with 1 c. of stewed cabbage and 1 c. of roasted radishes w/ garlic powder, black pepper & reduced fat Parmesan cheese.  If you haven't tried roasting radishes yet, you are really missing out.  There's some kind of magic that happens when you roast them that takes ALL the heat and fire out of them.  I call them little roasted Parmesan cheese buttons now, lol.  Damn tasty.  :)

I will be having 2 Hershey's dark chocolate nuggets w/ almonds with my decaf coffee this evening...as always, the creamer in the coffee will be 30 cals.

Calories:  90

Total Calories:  1452
I'm a little low today, but I just didn't feel like eating anymore.  That sounds hilarious coming out of my mouth, lol.

Water Intake:  (5) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  Walked 4 miles on the treadmill in just under 70 mins.

Ok folks....onto the bad news...or at least irritating news as far as I'm concerned.

About 3 weeks ago I injured my right arm in the gym.  I know exactly how I did it.  I usually carry a 7.5 lb. weight in each hand when I do my 20-30 min walk on the treadmill, after my 30 mins of weight training.  Well that particular night, our trainer had us doing ALL arm work, so I was shredded by the time I got on the treadmill.  When I went to grab the weights, the 7.5's were taken...and I grabbed the 10 lb. weights.  Bad, bad idea.  I only made it 10 mins into my walk before I just had to put them down.  It was way too much of a strain.

Well....that injury has gotten worse instead of better.  I haven't messed with any weights in a while....it's the every day use around the house that's hurting it.  It's WAY worse than it was 3 weeks ago.  It throbs when I'm just sitting doing nothing now.  I've dropped a couple of 32 oz glasses of water on the floor because I can't handle the strain.  I even noticed it hurt last night when I pushed the handle down to flush the toilet....which means it's getting ultra sensitive to any kind of pressure at all. 

I know it's either a strained muscle or torn tendon...so I don't see me wasting any money to go to the doctor and have him tell me to put it in a sling.  I can buy a sling at Walgreen's.   I was talking to Dwayne about it this afternoon and he's all twisted up in knots over it.  He instructed me to put it in a sling TONIGHT...and not do another damn thing for the next week and a half before we go to the beach.  Yes, those were his exact words.  I told him I have to cook...he said he didn't care, find a way around it.  I told him I have to clean...he said he didn't care, wash dishes and clothes with your left hand only or leave the house dirty.  I told him I have to type out my blog post each night because besides myself and my own goals, I've got 30 other participants that are counting on me.  That one really upset him.

He told me to drop the challenge right now.  He already thinks that the 12.4 lbs I've lost in the last 2 weeks is MORE than enough.....he told me if I lose another 3-4 this week alone, then it's going to be EXCESSIVE....yes, he really said that.  Have you ever heard of a guy complaining because his girlfriend is losing TOO much weight??  Seriously????  His issue is he doesn't want me doing any typing...he doesn't want me doing one single thing with my right arm/hand...period.  He told me if it's not better by Friday, he's taking me to the doctor kicking and screaming and I can be as pissed off at him as I want to, but he can't stand to see me in pain and he's not going to let me prolong it any longer.  (We'll see about that).

I have absolutely no intention of dropping this challenge.  However, I really don't know how this one-handed thing is going to affect things.  I tried lifting my pots and pans while I was baking chicken breasts, boiling eggs, and cooking up 5 different kinds of veggies this last Sunday...with my left hand...and I just suck at it.  I really do.  I'm so totally uncoordinated, it's unbelievable.  I can't even open a can of tuna without using both hands.  I already know that when I put that sling on tomorrow morning, I'm going to be in tears by tomorrow night simply out of frustration.  

I'm going to have to learn to adjust using my left hand.  I don't know if that will mean less cooking and more convenience foods (more sodium), or what will happen just yet.  If Dwayne had his way, I'd be eating nothing but pudding cups and sandwiches every day.  All he's concerned with is me healing...not how I'm going to run my life WHILE trying to heal. 

He planned this beach trip more for me than for him.  He wants me to thoroughly enjoy it, and he fears I won't be able to do that if I'm in pain.  He noticed what a hard time I was having with it when he was here last weekend, because he happened to be standing right beside me when I nearly dropped the half-full coffee pot.   

Who kows....maybe I'll figure out how to manage in just a day or two....I sure hope so. 

On another note....I hopped on the scale this morning, as I always do mid-week, and usually I see some progress by then.  Not this morning.  I am still exactly the same as I was last Friday...228.6.  Hmmmm.  I know I'm doing everything right, so I can't get upset over it.  I'm thinking my body might be saying, "I gave you 12.4 lbs in 2 weeks...time to even it out...you're gettin' nothin' this week sister!"  lol  I don't know...maybe something will fall off by Friday.  But to compound that little issue....I have to go have lunch with my cousin tomorrow...at a restaurant...2 days before weigh day.  Damn.

I'm responsible for putting together our family reunion, but Jennifer and Mom are helping me pay for the place I rented.  Jennifer has a memory problem and although I've reminded her a couple of times, she can't seem to get the check in the mail to me.  So I'm going to go get it tomorrow.  She said we could meet for lunch.  I asked her where, so I could go ahead and look at a nutrition guide and be prepared.  She said she didn't know yet...she'd have to think about it...and would tell me tomorrow when I'm on my way.  My worry is not about the choices...it's about the sodium.  It is beyond stupid for me to eat a restaurant meal 2 days before weigh day knowing how my body holds onto sodium.  However, I am counting on the fact that EVERY restaurant will have some kind of salad on their menu...so I'm kind of pre-planning for a grilled chicken salad w/ lite dressing on the side...and chasing it with 5 glasses of water, lol.

So from now on, my posts are probably going to be much shorter...not a lot of gabbing...just posting my food pics and calorie/exercise stuff.  I also won't be able to jump around and comment on anyone else's blogs and I really hate that part.  I hope you all understand, but I've got Dwayne on my a$$, and he can be a real bear when I'm sick or hurting.  'Nite friends.  :) 


  1. Heal thyself! We should be the last of your worries...seriously...get better.

  2. I think you should let him take you to the doctor - you do not have a medical degree and do not know what you have done to yourself.

    By ignoring it, you could seriously make it something permanent, and if you think its aggravating now, imagine how much of a PITA it will be if you can't EVER get rid of it??

    As far as his other demands, tell him *I* said to shove it ; ) He's not getting out of buying all of those tacky souvenirs that easy! (j/k)

  3. I just assumed that since you were hurt, Dwayne would be jumping in and doing the dishes, laundry, and hey, even typing your blog posts and comments up for you as you transcribe them! I'm sure that's what he was planning. He just wants to surprise you! Just wait and see.

    In all seriousness, there's no substitute for a doctor visit, if you can swing it. You're only speculating about the problem. You may be right, you may be wrong... but can you afford to be wrong, especially if you make things worse by waiting? Just a thought.

    You've done well with the challenge. I wouldn't worry about letting any of us down.

  4. What a shame about the pain. I think you should see a doctor sooner rather than later. Better to be safe than sorry as they say.

  5. You talk, Dwayne types. Or - video your blogs!

    See the Dr. Dwayne loves you Tammy!

  6. Ow! You poor thing. Definitely rest that arm. I also think that you should see a doctor, if you can. Even if it turns out to be no big deal, you will know and be able to treat it better for faster healing.

  7. The picture of the chocolates in the trash is a classic! Hahaha....

  8. So sorry to hear about your arm!! I hope it gets better soon!

    Your dog is adorable! My little dog digs holes all the time! UGH!

    Good for you for throwing the chocolate in the trash!

  9. First of all.....FABULOUS you for losing 12.4 lbs in 2 weeks! Way to kick butt! Im so sorry about your injury! I know you dont want to slow down, but you need to take care of yourself! The food looks amazing and are the Jimmy Dean D'Lites good?? I was thinking of trying the same one you did!

  10. Great job getting all that typed out with one hand.

    Congrats on completing Tony and Jen's challenge. It was fun thinking about everyone else out there sweating and getting at least 60 minutes of exercise in.

    After I hit publish on my last post I realized I inadvertently left you out of the list of people who inspire me. You have been through so much and have stayed so strong. I hadn't been able to make any progress until I got out of my stressful job but you have been able to succeed through all the stresses.

    How could you possibly have those chocolates in your house since before Easter? That's just more proof of how much stronger you are than I am. I wouldn't have stood a chance against those little chocolate eggs.

    I hate to admit it but I think Dwayne is right. You have to take it easy and make sure you don't make your injury any worse. Get the sling, keep some ice on it and see the doctor if it doesn't get any better. I struggled with my back injury wanting to do more but knew it would only set me back in the long run.

    You need to be healthy to enjoy your time at the beach. You'll need your strength to lift those little frozen umbrella drinks to your lips. Be good and take care of yourself.

  11. dude, go to the doctor.
    What a great boyfriend.
    wow on the 12 lbs. that is a lot for two weeks and your body IS probably trying to hang on to it's meat.

    That is hard to do.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. awwww, feel better! i hope u have a lot of fun this weekend!!!

  13. You need to see the doctor Tammy,before FridaY!!

    I hate the way in the USA you have to think about the cost before seeing the doctor.
    God Bless our NHS, it may have it's faults but NOBODY has to worry about paying to see a doctor.

    Hope you heal soon hunni



  14. sorry didn't get a chance to read the whole post... but i would love the know-how on roasted radishes!! I've only ever eaten them raw!

    sounds like you're getting lots of GREAT workouts.. and need to take care of yourself.. if you're injured.. not good!! take care of you!

    oh and.. can I say, WOW on throwing out the chocolate!!!!

  15. It just shows how much he loves you :) Have a great one and I hope you get better soon!

  16. Hey:) I had the same problem. I think mine got hurt from falling backwards and catching myself. It started hurting and aching even when I wasn't doing anything. I went to the doctor and they suspected rotator cuff strain. They had me to go Physical Therapy and she thinks it was more of a slight tear because the mobility was so poor. You should really have it checked only because it could end up getting so bad that you end up with a frozen shoulder and that would require surgery. My Physical Therapist said I was close to that because I couldn't lift my arm up past my chest without it hurting really bad.

    The Physical Therapy has really helped and they use heat and massage and then use some weights to build up the strength in the muscles..

    Sorry to be a mother hen...but I put it off for about 6 months and I am paying for it...:)

  17. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy - If you're not able to hold pots and cups and push the flusher, you have to see a doctor. Everyone else agrees, I see. You don't say if it's elbow, wrist or shoulder, and how can youpossibly know the proper way to immobilize it without getting checked?

    You should be icing the most painful area 10-15 minutes every hour - no longer than that at a time. Also, Ibuprofen 600-800mg 4X/ day - I've been on it for a long time for the knees - it helps inflammation. I'm going to email you. Don't write back. But the ice and ibuprofen can help a lot until you see a doc. And SEE A DOC!

  18. You're doing an awesome job girl!!! I also agree with Leslie. Go see a doctor :)