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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 2

When I started this challenge yesterday, I figured 4 or 5 people would join in.  Boy was I thrilled when I tallied it up today and realized we have 21 participants!!!  Is this exciting or what????  It's so cool not to have to do this by myself...it's giving me quite a boost!! 

Things were kind of crazy today....the food plan and exercise plan went down the drain....HOWEVER, my calories are solid, and now that I've had 2 rest days in a row, it just means I'll be exercising for the next 5 days in a row to meet the challenge.  No problem!!  Yesterday when I posted my food pics, I talked about how planning and preparation are KEY!!  Tonight's lesson is going to be on learning to be flexible, lol.  More on that later....let's get to the food!

We slept in until 9am this morning, so breakfast was at 10am.  I had 3 egg whites scrambled w/ 3 oz baked chicken breast and a little diced tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers & black olives.  I didn't use any salt so I sprinkled a little Adobo spice on it for flavor.  I also had 2 c. of coffee w/ 2 Tbsp of creamer, 1 in each cup.

Calories:  201

At 1pm I had an apple

Calories:  81

At 3pm I had a large sweet potato.  I used 1/2 of a Tbsp of Smart Balance spread on it.  I've decided I don't like Smart Balance because it doesn't melt.  I picked up some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter at the store tonight because it was Buy One Get One Free....so I'm going to try it out and see if I like it any better.

Calories:  162

At 4:45pm I had a Kashi blackberry graham bar & a banana.

Calories:  219

At 5:30pm I ate 16 reduced fat Wheat Thins.

Calories:  130

By the time I got to dinner at 6:30pm, I'd only consumed 793 calories.  I was starving, plus I knew I needed to beef up the calories if I was going to hit 1500 today.  Is that hilarious or what???  Tammy....having a hard time hitting 1500 calories...on a weekend.  HA!

I had 6 oz. of grilled chicken breast, I guessed on the amts of veggies because I didn't want to chop them up and put them in a measuring cup to see.  Asparagus is prettier in stalk form, lol.  I figured 1 c. of asparagus and 1/2 c. of yellow squash, both grilled.  I had the rest of the chicken-flavored Steamfresh rice left over from last night (1 c.), and a crescent roll w/ a smidge of butter smeared on top.

Calories:  575

Dessert was at 8pm and I measured out 1 c. of fresh pineapple and 1/2 c. of strawberries.

Calories:  99

At 9pm I had 2 c. of decaf coffee w/ 2 Tbsp. of Coffemate Sugar-free Hazelnut creamer, 1 Tbsp in each cup, for a total of 30 calories to round out my day.

Total Calories for Day 2:  1497

Water Intake:  (4) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  Rest day


You know....they call it a "challenge" for a reason.  I knew there would be trying days, but I had no idea it would be on DAY TWO!  lol

I had a plan for today.  I even told Dwayne my plan last night so he'd be well-informed.  The plan was to cook breakfast, clean the kitchen, lay out in the sun for an hour, get a shower, then go to Larry's Subs and pick up a sub (I already looked up the calorie count), go to the park and split the sub for lunch and then take a walk around the 2 mile trail.  I knew he wouldn't walk the trail 2x for a total of 4 miles....but 2 miles would have provided me with 30 minutes of cardio for the day.  Well.....this is what actually happened today:

Cooked breakfast, cleaned kitchen....overcast, so I didn't lay out, had Dwayne take a break from TV to flip over to the weather channel and see if it was going to rain today...30% chance.  He comments that we should get showers and get going to the park.  Then he continues to watch TV...for hours...and hours.  You'll notice I ate very few calories for the first part of the day.  I only had 282 calories in by 3pm.  That's because I kept thinking he was going to get up off the couch and we'd get going.  We were supposed to eat at Larry's Subs, so I was trying to stick to my calorie plan for the day. 

He got a shower at 3pm...then decided we needed to break out the clippers and give Scarlette a haircut.  That took an entire hour because she hates getting her hair cut, lol.  At 4pm, I had to give her a bath to get all the loose fur off her....then I had to take a shower myself to get all the loose fur off of ME.  By the time I'm done it's 4:45pm and I realize we're not going to the park.  My calories had to be re-arranged and I wasn't getting my exercise. 

I thought about walking out in front of the house, up and down my road.  But Dwayne's got this weird thing about him.  We only see each other 24 hours a week usually...from Friday night to Saturday night.  So he wants me right there with him the whole time..."visiting".  That means even if all we're doing is watching TV.  Hard to explain, but he would have been a little upset or bothered if I took off down the road without him.  I used to get up at 7am every Saturday morning and meet Billie at the gym for a workout.  He didn't like that.  After about the 4th week in a row of doing it, I came back from the gym and he was acting different.  I knew what it was..I.told him I'd make Saturday a rest day from now on, and his mood instantly improved.  He simply didn't like waking up on Saturday morning alone...with me not even in the house. 

By about 3pm this afternoon I was starving...getting a headache....had my knickers in a knot about Dwayne not going to the park to walk.  My plan fell apart and I was bordering on pissed off.  That's when I had to take myself out of the "moment" and look at the bigger picture....the beach challenge.  This is one day.  Not a lot went the way I planned today...but that's ok.  I'll adjust.  I'll get over it.  I'll be flexible, because I'm quite sure there are going to be several more days like this, or maybe worse, in the next 30 days.  And even beyond that.....this learning how to eat right thing is for life.  Once the weight is gone, I have to maintain.  The exercise won't stop because I've reached goal weight.  This is all part of a healthy lifestyle that I'm building for myself.  It's much bigger than my mood at the moment, or a craving for a brownie, or sore muscles that might make me feel like not working out. 

Eating with a boyfriend that doesn't give a crap about healthy food and exercise is tough.  Couple that with a weekend, when things feel more lax anyway, and it's even tougher.  Guess what?  I'm tough, too.  I can do this, and I WILL do this.  I had a fantastic food day...2 days in a row...and on a WEEKEND...with DWAYNE.  I don't remember the last time I had a 1500 calorie Saturday, so YAY for me!!! 

I hope all of you had a great Friday and Saturday, too.  If you had a little slip, you jump right back on that horse and don't look back.  We've got great things going on here....keep moving forward...build your momentum.  Every great day that you can put behind you is just forward momentum for another great day.  Learn to be flexible.  You've got to....because Life doesn't give a crap about your goals, lol.  You have to make YOURSELF a priority.  I'm just thrilled to pieces that we're all in this together.  I've got faith that every single one of us will reach our goal.  We've got collective power here!! 

I'm off to bed now.  I hope each and every one of you have a blessed Easter.  'Nite friends.  :)


  1. That first picture of Scarlette is adorable.

    Good job adjusting your day to what you needed even when it didn't go at all like you planned.

  2. You don't have to chop and measure asparagus by the cup. 4 spears is 14 calories. :D

    Scarlette is so cute.

  3. I may be speaking out of turn here, but if you and Dwayne only get 24hours a week together, surely the tv should be OFF. You should be having som quality time together.

    Well done on sticking to you calories, the photo's are great and Scarlette looks Gorgeous.

    Happy Easter Sweetheart.



  4. What an awesome, positive post! Earmark this one, Tammy, and save it for when you are frustrated... it will help when you are feeling like things aren't going your way in the future!

  5. Way to stay positive and true to your plan in the face of the unexpected! 2 great days so far under your belt! You're doing so well, Tammy. I had an okay day yesterday, and do plan to have dessert today (pineapple upside down cake for Easter), but getting in exercise and otherwise spot on eating!

  6. It is a lot more difficult when you are trying to eat and exercise and your significant other is not. It sounds familiar. I don't think I've actually mentioned to my wife that I'm back on the weight loss and fitness trail. It sort of sets off a sort of unfortunate cascade.

  7. Your dinner looked great - I have really gotten into grilled asparagus lately. I've had an excellent weekend also! I'm hoping to lose at least 2 lbs this week!