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Monday, April 26, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 25

WOW!!  I can't believe we're on the 25th day of the challenge already!!  And I'm only 5 days away from my beach trip, and souvenir shopping for all of the winners....I can't wait!!!

Breakfast was at 8:30am.  Due to my arm being in a sling, I'm going the convenience route this week.  I had a Jimmy Dean lite breakfast bagel....whole wheat bagel, lite cheese, egg white and turkey sausage.

Calories:  260

I had lunch at Larry's today at 11:30am, inbetween running errands and paying bills.  I got my usual ham and turkey 8" sub on wheat with lettuce, tomato, onion, lite mayo, spicy mustard and mushrooms.

Calories:  589

At 2:30pm I had some watermelon.

Calories:  125

Dinner was at 6pm.  I broiled 5 oz of cod with Lawry's lemon pepper marinade and some dill.  I also had 1 c. of garlic peas and mushrooms and 1 c. of chicken flavored rice...both Steamfresh microwaved sides.

Calories:  489

I did my normal 4 miles at the park today but instead of just walking I added in some intermittent jogging.  There was a thunderstorm coming so I needed to hurry up and get it done.  I can't jog much due to my knees, but I'm hoping when I drop these last 50+ lbs, it won't be so hard on them.

I will have my 2 c. of decaf this evening....creamer is 30 cals.

Total Calories:  1493

Water Intake:  (5) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  Walked/Jogged 4 miles at the park

I hope everyone is really pushing themselves during this last week of the challenge!  I want to see as many of you win as possible!  :)


  1. Tammy, so awesome that you stuck to taking pics of your food intake. I wish I had that diligence. Totally gonna have to try that breakfast bagel. Looked yummy and loving the fact that it's only 260 calories.

  2. Way to go on the jogging, girl!!!

  3. I'm pushing, I'm pushing. We'll see....

  4. Hi Tammy' it wasnt a stab ...I just honestly cannot wrap my mind around a fear of being smaller and buying smaller clothes. Apparantly there a re a lot of people that feel the same way...Im just not one of them. Dont fear weightloss. Dont ever mourn the old you. There is a whole other world waiting for you. Now get into your skinny jeans and fitted tshirt and come meet me :)

  5. Luscious!! And I don't just mean your meals, sister.

  6. I keep thinking I have to try that bagel sandwhich...it looks so good!

    You must be getting so excited about your trip!! I can't believe it's so soon. Will you have a laptop? If not, I'm going to suffer withdrawal from you! But you know we'll all be thinking of you all week while you're gone. You deserve this vacation. And I know you'll be lower than your goal by the time you leave...mark my words!! =D

  7. I can't believe how close you are to your trip! I feel like you just told me about it! You are doing an amazing job. I'm so proud!!

  8. That looks like a great day food wise. Good work. How do you find counting calories? Is it hard? I haven't tried it because it seems overwelming. Having to measure or weigh all your food, including condiments seems like it would just be too much. Although it would be nice to know how many calories I consume per day. Do you have any tricks you use to make it easier?