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Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Challenge Food Pics Day 15

I had every intention of eating all 1800 of my calories today, and I dang near made it.  I knew I wanted spaghetti for dinner, but wasn't sure if I could make it work.  My idea of eating spaghetti is to pile up my plate with mounds of it and eat it until you're so stuffed you can't move.....my all-time favorite food.

At 9am I had a scramble with 3 egg whites, 4 oz. baked chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Calories:  261

At 11am I headed out the door to go grocery shopping and grabbed a cold 4 oz. chicken burger leftover from last night's dinner to eat on the road.  Since I cooked it in extra virgin olive oil, I added 50 cals to it, like I did last night, for whatever oil stuck to it after I took it out of the pan.

Calories:  170

I shopped at 2 different stores today to get the best sales, Ingles and Publix.  I usually do most of my shopping at Publix, but Ingles had boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.88 lb....well I couldn't pass THAT up!!  When I got to Publix, I started drooling over their Cuban sandwiches in the deli.  I LOVE sandwiches, and especially these ones, and hadn't had one in quite a while.  I decided I needed one and did my best to guesstimate the calories, even emailing Pam, to try and be as accurate as I could.  I ate this around 2pm.

Calories:  700

Around 5:30pm I decided I just couldn't wait for Dwayne to get here to eat dinner with him (which is around 7:30pm), and I had to make 2 different sets of spaghetti anyway (he doesn't eat any veggies...and I wanted a few veggies in my sauce), so I made mine and ate it at 6pm.  I'll give you the entire calorie breakdown so you can see how I pulled this off, lol.

I weighed out 4 oz. of extra lean ground beef (93/7).  I've never been able to find the calorie count for the extra lean on sparkpeople, so I emailed Pam a few weeks ago and asked her if she knew.  One blogger told me it was 40 cals per oz, but that sounded a little low to me.  She told me she thought it was more like 45-50 cals per oz, so I go with 50.  The sauce I used was 100 cals per cup...I used 1 c.  I counted the 3 fresh mushrooms, little bit of bell pepper and diced red onion as 30 cals.  The Dreamfield's spaghetti has a lower glycemic index (for us diabetics) and it's 190 cals for 2 oz...I measured out 3 oz. for 285 cals.

4 oz. 93/7 ground beef:  200 cals
1 cup of Classico tomato & basil sauce:  100 cals
mushrooms, bell pepper, red onion, minced garlic:  30 cals
3 oz. of Dreamfield's spaghetti:  285

Calories:  615

OMG this was sooooo good and totally cured my spaghetti craving. 

I'll be having my 2 c. of decaf coffee with Dwayne later this evening and the creamer will be 30 cals.

Total Calories:  1776

Water Intake:  (4) 32 oz. glasses
Exercise:  Rest day

There are still over half of the challenge participants that haven't reported their weigh-in.  Make sure you send it to me either in a comment or through email so I can update our list.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.....only 2 weeks left to win that tacky souvenir!!!!  :)


  1. Just me, reporting in. I stayed the exact same as last week,208.2 Geeesssshhhhh. I don't think I'm going to be getting a tacky souvenier. (I think I spelled that wrong).

    That spaghetti looks SO delicious! I MUST make some.

  2. OMGoodness! That spaghetti looks absolutely amazing!!!! I'd spend 650 on it in a heartbeat! Wow---great pics my friend...and you are absolutely rocking this deal!!
    Your weigh in----oh my---you're incredible.

    My best always

  3. Trickery, you need to use it to get those veggies in - it will be great practice for when you have kids LOL.
    I only cook one meal, they eat it or not, sometimes little A takes over an hour to eat a small spoon of veggies, it takes all my strength not to give in and up!!

    We also love spaghetti but hubby is not mad about it so I don't make it as often as I could, I add my secret ingredient to the sauce.
    your's looks great.

  4. Hey, lady, way to go on your loss! I tried to comment on the earlier entry with my weight, but the computer went a little haywire. So I weighed in this morning at 200.2, for a loss of .8 this week.

  5. Hmm...how to get Dwayne on the veggie bandwagon...I'll have to give this some thought.

  6. Tammy, you're doing so great! I, on the other hand, am not doing so great. I don't even have a weight to give you because I didn't get on the scale today. Maybe I should get the consolation prize - a cigarette butt from the beach, lol.

  7. man, your food looks good and healthy. Love your attitude...
    Keep it up chica. I am impressed and inspired.

  8. Oh yum...that spaghetti looks delicious!!

  9. It seemed like I was totally busy yesterday from morning until night, but not too busy to step on the scale. I was at 230.8.

    You are doing great!

  10. Hey sorry I am late posting but my weight in this week is 223.8.

  11. Fuddruckers, there's only one around and it's pretty far from where I live/work so I never make it over there, but I do like it a lot when I've been in the past.

    Is that Classico sauce good?

    I was 168.5 on friday.