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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Biggest Loser" Review

I punched Jillian Michaels in the face (.....in my mind). lol

Seriously....last night I watched my first complete episode of the BL. My best friend Pam at "Journey To The Healthier Side Of Life", listed on my blogroll, is a huge fan, and wanted me to watch this season with her.

I mentioned the other day that I can't stand reality TV...nothing has changed, lol. It's just not my cup of tea, but rather than generalize about that broad of a topic, I'll stick strictly to the premiere of the Biggest Loser. Here is my totally honest review....

After the first show, and I know this is premature, I'm sitting at 70% hate it, 30% curious. Jillian says in the beginning, "These people aren't LIKE you....they ARE you." She is so correct, and it's one of the main reasons I hate it. Reality is depressing a lot of the time. A lot of these contestants had really depressing life stories. I am the type of person that gets down and in a funk quite easily...way, way too easily in fact. Tell me your sad story and I'll be depressed about it and crying over it for the next couple of days. Do you know how many days in a row I cried for Jen at "Prior Fat Girl" when her mother passed away so suddenly and tragically? Yeah....that many. Someone I don't even know and had never even read her blog previous to that horror.

I'm telling you this so you'll understand why I have a problem with a show that is filled with so many depressing life stories. I cried through about 75% of the show...no joke. Oddly enough, the lady with the most depressing story, is the one I'll be rooting for this season. Her name is Abby. In 2006, her husband, her 4 yr old daughter, and her 2 1/2 week old son were all killed in a car crash. She wasn't in the car....in the blink of an eye, her entire world was stolen from her. All of her happiness, all of her joy....everything she lived for. She stated on the show that she's not trying to lose this weight for health reasons as far as being afraid she might die due to it. She said she isn't afraid of death....that death would actually be better for her. I believed her.

Abby said that she has to believe that the reason she was left here, is because there's a bigger purpose that she hasn't discovered yet. That there must be a reason. I believe that, too. For someone who's lost so much, how can you not want to see them win something as important as this is to them? So Abby's my girl in the race.

Besides the depressing crap, the next thing I hated is the outfits they're made to wear. Give-me-a-friggin'-break. They could have had them in full t-shirts instead of little spandex half-jobbies that let their huge bellies hang out and jiggle around for the whole world to see. The reason they do it is obvious...for the shock value...for the ratings. Quite frankly, I was disgusted. I don't need to see anybody else's fat naked body, any more than I need to show anyone else MY fat, naked body. It's just not necessary....and I'm not shocked, producers of BL...I knew what they looked like before they took their clothes off...they looked like I did when I weighed 340 lbs at my highest point. Highly unnecessary.

Thirdly....the screaming that Jillian and Bob do. Can I just say that screaming at me like that, cussing me a like a dog with every other phrase being "effing this and effing that"....is the quickest way to get a barbell shoved down your throat?? I am not kidding, lol. I'm normally not a violent person...but my goodness if I could have crawled through that TV last night...oh my. Haven't these people had enough torment and torture through their lives? From school on up? Haven't they had enough verbal abuse? I understand that they think making them angry will motivate them to work harder....I get it. And it's actually kind of sad to me that these people don't feel like they can do it on their own....and submit themselves to this kind of belittling with the screaming and the skimpy outfits. Just so sad. Made me want to grab people like Sean and Zaa and Diane and go busting through the gym doors exclaiming the good news!!! "Come with us!! You CAN do it on your own!! We'll show you how!! And you get to wear whole T-shirts and we won't scream at you!!" lol

Lastly, I'm not big on competition, so it's gonna' be tough to see the people go home once you've been rooting for them. I mean, I have my favorite, but you still really want to see ALL of them win...you just do. Nobody wants to see anyone fail....that involves more crying, lol.

So that's pretty much it on the negatives....I will say that I'm looking forward to seeing the contestant's determination and resolve result in some major weight loss. I want to see them realize that all hope is not lost, that they CAN do it...and that each and every one of them are worth the effort. The girl that I liked the least got sent home last night. It seemed to me like her attitude was a bit negative....like she had a chip on her shoulder....the least friendliest of them all. However, I am pleased to say that she went home, lost 60 lbs on her own, now has her mom losing weight with her, and has done a 180 in the attitude department....she was happy, smiling, vibrant....totally different from how she was on the show last night. So I was thrilled to hear about her update.

If any of you are huge fans....sorry I can't join your club, lol. I will still watch every episode...and I suspect I'll grow to like it more than I do now....but those first fundamental things that I mentioned about the clothes and the yelling....well....I just don't dig it. :)

I stole my quote for the day off of Joania's blog...it's excellent.

Quote For The Day:

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness & trust.
You were born with ideals & dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don't.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.



  1. OMG Tammy ! I left a post on my blog moments ago - then went to your blog and saw that we both wrote the same thing. I too was just hoping somebody would drop a barbell on Jillians face - no way is that inspirational to me. Maybe I'm a softy - who knows but I would not be inspired by her hostile confrontations - in fact - in a week I would probably be curled up in a ball in the corner rocking back and forth!
    :) YOur right - you should "storm the compound" and let the people of BL know they can do it on their own without Jilian acting like the leader of the goon squad. It's so funny - we both got the same vibe off the show. I was wondering what others thought - if maybe I was just being too sensitive. The other thing that gets me down - is those guys loose in ONE WEEK what it takes me a month to loose ! They are spending ALL their time on workouts etc. I know - not being side tracked by regular life stuff - but still ! I was feeling down when I saw them loosing 15 - 20 pounds in A WEEK! The opening was pretty alarming too - with the lady ending up in the hospital - definatley a "ratings grabber".
    You must be SO PROUD of your pics. If I were you I think I would have them blown up life size! :) Nice work you ! YOU are inspiration - and your not screaming and yelling at anybody... Maybe you could have a talk with Jillian :)

  2. Grrrr. I DVR'd the first episode and left the house. Then our power got knocked out. Oh well... I'll catch it online somewhere I suppose.

  3. I was crying from the first few minutes through to the end. I wonder how many calories you burn crying?

    I completely agree with you but despite all those things I still love watching TBL. I love watching them figure out their issues with food, gain confidence and lose the weight. It is unrealistic but still inspiring to me.

    They do the belly shots because they want the "after" pictures to be as dramatic as possible.

  4. Hey Tammy.

    I am a big BL fan but I have to agree with you here. This season started off kind of wonky for me. The super sad stories...pushed the limits for me. I mean of course it's a great opp for these people to get the kind of help (although the trainers were BRUTAL..I'll get to that in a sec) but I was bawling my eyes out too! I hear you on things getting to me...I'm effected by what I see on TV and others life stories.

    A quick note on the trainers...Jillian seems to have been more lunatic-ish last season, or maybe they are showing more, but last night was nuts!!! I don't know if I've heard thems wear like that before.

    But like a moth to a flame, I'll be watching next week because the curiosity of seeing how these people do brings me back.

  5. I'm with you about the screaming obscenities at the contestants. Really, BL folks, it's so not necessary. And what you said about them having been through enough is so true. Positive encouragement is what makes me want to keep going.

    I cried, too. So many sad stories. I wish they all could stay until they lose all their weight!

  6. This is what I thought to. I don't like Jillian's attitude. Maybe that works for some people, but I'd just cry if someone yelled at me like that.

    And the clothes? Don't get me started. It's so unnecessary. You can get a decent before/after comparison with a fitted tank top without them having to show their skin.

    I know they signed up for it so they are ready to face those kinds of "exposures" both physically and mentally.

    By the way - the pictures of you - AMAZING!

  7. Hi Tammy....I have never watched the BL. Perhaps because my own attempts at weight loss are so difficult. Reading your post, I know I will never watch it. Overweight people have enough to deal with, without the shouting and such. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I feel renewed,, and ready to get back in the game again! Hugs, Kathleen

  8. Hey Tammy! Love your review. I watched the show for the first time, too, because I thought it might be a big deal in blog world. One thought that crossed my mind is that it's OK for us to see the man-boobs, but not women's. Why? I would think dressing that way would be humiliating, but maybe that's what they're after.

    Abby is my fav, too. I cried when I heard her story and my husband was rolling his eyes at me, but how can you not be touched by that?

    Thanks for all of your comments - you're such a giving person and I really appreciate your support and thoughtfulness.

  9. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Honest Scrap award at my blog. :-) I love reading about your life!

  10. I was going to blog about the very same thing today! But I won't since you did...I don't like BL for your reasons and more:

    1. If I lived on a fat farm and worked out for hours and hours with screaming, cursing trainers and then went to have dinner in a kitchen in which the food has already been chosen for me, I'd lose 15 lbs in one week too. Furthermore, I guarantee that Bob and Jillian do not cuss their paying customers. They show a different face in front of the camera for shock-value and that is disheartening. My sister is a no-nonsense trainer but she encourages you, even as she pushes you. She will quietly and sternly tell you that she doesn't want to here "I can't." She doesn't say, "DO FIVE MORE F**KING CURLS!!!!"

    2. Losing that much weight each week is not-realistic. One could say, "Yeah, but when these people go home, they still lose weight." Yes. But they still have cameras on them and a weigh-in that will be televised nationally. Sadly, a lot of the contestants gain a lot of their weight back when all is said and done. Some do remain motivated to go on after the show but we all know that weight quickly lost is weight quickly gained.

    Has the "Biggest Loser" motivated people? Oh heck yes. I'm not trashing it 100%. But I just hope people don't get discouraged after two weeks of dieting and only losing five or six pounds because they want to be like "The Biggest Loser."

    P.S. You have a big heart Tammy...and empathy with other people's struggles. That's why I love ya!

  11. I'm a fan of Abby, too. But, like you, I'm not a big fan of all the "tough love" crap or the weigh in outfits. A little too much "stuff" hanging out for my taste. But, I'll be watching the transformations right along with the rest of the viewing public. I have to admit, I'm kinda hooked.

  12. I do love the show...but I didn't like the exercising parts...I don't think yelling at someone and making them work out until they are throwing up is a real healthy way of doing things..having them walk a mile on their first day was stupid! But I do love to see the transformation and the ways that it changes their lives...and that is why I watch it...it does motivate me. I know that it I am not going to lose 20 pounds in a week..but I am also not working out 8 hours a day 7 days a week...LOL

    I love Abby too...I hope she wins!

  13. Hi Tammy,
    I don't have a T.V for T.V, only hooked up to the DVD player. So I've never actually seen any of these programs people talk about. Though my mother mentioned I'd like some show about "Gok" or "Gawk" ??? I don't know. I digress...
    You look fantastic in your photos! You must be really happy with the changes you see! Awesome job!

  14. We don't get your BL over here, but there is a British version, I have seen it a couple of times when channel hopping. I don't like it. I don't like any reality shows. The contestants are exploited and made to look worse.
    The likes of Susan Boyle from "Britain's Got Talent" that poor woman has a lovely voice but should not be being promoted and exploited in the public domain.
    Reality tv makes millions for the tv companies for pennies, all because people want their 15 minutes of fame. I find it very sad.

    Thanks for your lovely comment Tammy, you always make me smile.



  15. Here's to Abby. I can't imagine even getting out of bed after having that happen to me and not only is she out of bed, she's on TV and losing her weight for the whole world to see. I respect that and the rest of the crap I just overlook. I'm in marketing and know ALL of the tricks :)