A food addict's travels on the road to recovery.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The scale says, after triple-checking it, that I weigh 242.0. That means I ONLY gained .2 of a lb. As Sheilagh at "Sixty by Sixty" would say...I'm gobsmacked.

All I can say is that I guess eating in the 1400 calorie range, drinking gobs of water, and walking 11 miles in the last 3 days benefitted me more than I realized. I've learned a valuable lesson here....don't understimate the power of combining these 3 things. The flip side of this is....if I would have done these 3 things all 7 days this week instead of only 3, I would have shown an amazing weight loss.

With that said....I'm fixing to eat my 150 calorie breakfast of a Granny Smith apple and reduced fat mozarella cheesestick this morning and then I'm headed to the park to knock out 3 miles. My number one goal for tonight and tomorrow is to not let what Dwayne is eating in front of me affect my choices. I MUST stay on track, because I am just sick to death from trying to recover from bad weekend eating. It's been too many weeks since I've seen a nice-sized loss and I'm hungry for another one. I'm all geared up and ready for this week's battle. Onward!


  1. Thanks for reminding me that the basics are really important. I needed to hear that today. Keep up the good work!

  2. I knew you would do better than you thought because of all the extra work out put in, even though you wouldn't think it would be enough.
    Bravo for you being focused - don't let Dwayne block you from getting down that path!
    You're my hero - you haven't let this week get you off track and I love you for it!

  3. Oh, geez, don't you hate it when someone eats forbidden food in front of you?? My husband is very fit and lean, but I swear that he only eats junk. There are all kinds of goodies around the house that make it a veritable hell sometimes. He has compromised by mostly only having foods that I don't really care for, so that it's easier on me, but one day last week I was eating an apple and he decided to get a big bowl of chocolate cookie dough ice cream, and I just about burst into flames with my desire for that ice cream. Anyway, that was a lot to say just to tell you that I KNOW how hard it is to be good when you're around someone who isn't, and I'm applauding you for your strength. Keep it up!!

  4. Nice weigh in! It's amazing how our bodies will recover from what we do. I know you'll make the right choices this weekend!

  5. Onward is right! That really does show how important it is to combine all the aspects of your plan for the best possible success.

    11 miles in 3 days is a long way. Imagine when you drive 11 miles how long that takes!!

    I love your attitude.

  6. Well done Tammy! I think it's amazing that you're getting those walks in every day. It takes real commitment. Hopefully it will inspire me to get out there and get walking.

    I'm sure you CAN do it 7 days a week. Sounds like Dwayne needs to give a bit more support and make better choices himself when he is around you? It's a real downer to have to watch someone else eating the food you'd like yourself. This always tips me over into eating too much. Is he prepared to negotiate a little on this?

    Happy walking!
    Bearfriend xx

  7. Onward is right!! You've got the right idea, for sure. Keep at it.

  8. LoL your learning my lingo:)

    I am really pleased for you, I had a feeling you would do better than you expected.

    You have got to put your healthy food choices before Dwayne's. It is difficult I know, fitting in with his "normal eating" Can you not tempt him with some delicious lo cal recipes?

    Keep on going Tammy you are well on your way to success.



  9. Oh, I'm ready too. Is Dwayne interested in a lifestyle change? Perhaps he could make small changes and eat healthy when he's around you...try new things. I never could succeed at a diet while hubby was still eating badly. But then again, your willpower appears to be bigger than mine. Let's see if we can lose some serious poundage by next weigh day!

  10. See, your hard work did pay off in at least making it so you didn't show a terrible gain this week. Have you tried talking to Dwayne about him eating crap in front of you? Obviously he doesn't have to be on a diet, too, but I'm sure it would help if he was a bit more concsiencous (sp?) around you.

  11. Oh wow! You look great! May I ask how tall you are? As for Duane, you just can't be responsible for him. My dad would bring home chocolate bars when Mom was dieting- I really don't think he was trying to sabotage her but showing his love. D probably hasn't changed his habits- you have! I started my diet July 5th and have lost about 12 pounds so you're my inspiration on a Saturday morning- THANKS!