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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on Track

After 4 days of chaos with the moving, unpacking, bad eating and lack of cardio, I'm finally back on track. I stayed within my calorie limit of 1500 calories today, and I drove myself to the park to walk the 2 mile trail. I had been walking between 2.75-3 miles a day as of last week so I'm not where I was yet, but it's a start. I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Here's a frustrating little tidbit of news....Mother Nature paid me a visit this morning. She couldn't have picked a worse week, I swear. I hate her, lol. The weigh-in is going to suck, I'm sure, but the following week will look much better. I'm sure of that, too. I'm plugging along now, getting back in the groove, and I'm looking forward to feeling better soon.

I've had another long day....doing laundry, going to the park, shopping for some necessities, cooking all 3 meals again (finally!), visiting with Dwayne and playing with the puppy. I've got a job fair to go to this Thursday. For all of you praying folks, send one up for me that it will produce a decent-paying job for me and I can get back to work! This unemployment check is a joke. And I miss working.....I can't believe I just said that. A little time off is always nice, if you can handle the stress of very little money....but 6 months worth will wear on your nerves. It's gotten ridiculous and I need to go back to work and feel productive again.

Headed to bed for some much needed rest. I still haven't found that paper that has my quotes listed on it, but as soon as I do, I'll start putting up the daily quotes again. Sleep tight everyone...with dreams of goal weights dancing in your heads. :)


  1. My prayers are flying as you sleep dear Tammy, hoping you find something soon.

    It's good to get back in the groove after a hectic weekend isn't it? I was glad to reaffirm my commitment to fight on, my journey is a battle at times;(

    Mother Nature can be a bit of a bitch at time, I am so glad those days are gone for me 21 years ago!!

    Big hugs


  2. So glad the move is finally over and you are getting back to a normal routine, you have done so well. I move home a lot and it always unsettles me so badly.

    I agree about the need for work to give days a structure and to give you a sense of value, plus being busy during the day stops boredom from striking and I eat less on work days.

    LOL at the goal weights dancing in my head at night - that is exactly what I do!

  3. So glad you survived the move- or is it too soon to make that asumption ? :)
    I was just thinking the other day about how different I felt when I was eating unhealthy. It really makes you feel run down, and just "heavy" inside. That really tells you something. Don't get too stressed over the junk food - you were working so hard - you definately burned calories ! It won't be a deal breaker either way. It would be great if the helpful friends bringing you food could do healthy foods - (even McDonalds has salads, as lame as they are). It would be so much easier if healhy food was more "convenient" too, but unfortunatley it takes more prep time. Sometimes planning ahead helps, like pre-cooked chicken breasts in the fridge, etc. I have a basket on my counter of zip lock baggie snacks with each one holding a 100 calorie snack. Like pretzels, cherrios, etc. so that a snack is there when we need to grab one - but it's still only 100 calories. If it's ready and available to me I am more likely to make the right choice. Anyway - we all missed you. I'm glad to see how focused you are. Good luck with settling in - it's amazing how organized you seem already - I had boxes lurking for a good year after my last move. :)

  4. Glad you're getting settled at your new place. And even though I'm not a praying type gal, I'll send good energy and vibes (secular prayer?) your way on the job front!

  5. I know you are so happy to be getting settled! I'll pray that your job fair goes fabulously and that you find something you like!!

    Have a great day.

  6. Good luck at the job fair Tammy. It is a great feeling to be productive and have a schedule. I hope it works out for you.

    Good job on getting back on track.

  7. I pray God blesses you with a good, productive job that will make you want to eat veggies! My job makes me want to eat Reese's cups.

  8. Moving is such a chore, glad you're settling in.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you find an excellent job--good pay, good people, stimulating work. (I learned a long time ago to be specific in what I pray for! lol)

  9. Unemployment definitely isn't as fun as folks think. Good luck finding some gainful employment soon.

  10. Good luck on the job front. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

  11. Glad to hear you're back on track. Feels good, doesn't it? As for the visit from Mom Nature, that's what you get for being so young! Once she leaves for good, it's a lot harder to get the weight to budge! Do it now!

  12. Hi Tammy. Well done for getting back on track immediately as it's a difficult thing to do.

    Hope the job fair goes well for you and you get something you really enjoy.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  13. Hey Tammy.. haven't been around much - lots happening in your life.. looks like I have some reading to do! :) Best wishes on the job hunt and finalizing the move.. that's a LOT to deal with at once!!!

    take care of you, and KEEP WALKING!!! :)

  14. Good job getting back on track. Wish i could do the same... :)

  15. Good to hear you're back on track. :) It's nice that it's under your control again. Here's hoping you find something good at the job fair!

  16. You've gotten back to normal so fast considering you just moved last weekend - I'm impressed!

    Good luck with the job fair...sending good thoughts your way.

  17. Glad you got organized so quickly and getting back in the groove. Love having you next door. Praying for you to find a good job.
    Love, Mom O.