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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life In Photos

I've had a really, really, extremely crappy day that started around 7am this morning and hasn't let up. My eating has been bad since Friday's weigh-in...still learning how to adjust to eating good around Dwayne when he's eating like sh*t around me on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday I was so upset about the weekend eating, that I continued it on Sunday...bright, huh? Yesterday, the Labor Day cookout, was the first excellent eating day I've had...came in at 1200 calories. But today started bad and went downhill from there...everything from dog sh*t tracked all over the floors in my house and an hour clean-up from digging it out of the crevices in the bottom of my tennis shoes & bleaching all of my floors in the house.... to 2 fights with 2 different loved ones....and then I topped the sh*tty day off with some sh*tty eating tonight. Friday's weigh-in is not looking good.

So, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start, and I'm looking forward to a piece of 166 calorie breakfast casserole that I made. I'll try to post a pic of it. Then I'm headed out for a 3 mile walk at the park, and if if the stars align right, another 3 mile walk tomorrow evening. Walking makes me feel better, and I need to feel better.

My roommate Shane taught me how to scan pictures from my printer to my laptop tonight, so I'm going to try to figure out how to get them on my blog now w/o having to bother Pam again. If they don't line up right, just bear with me. I'm a work in progress...in more ways than one. :)

Breakfast Casserole w/ ham, fresh mushrooms, a little summer squash & orange bell pepper, baby asparagus, 3/4 c. of fat free shredded cheddar, 1/2 c. fat free cottage cheese, and 10 egg whites.

Here are some pics of Dwayne, Scarlette and I. He gave her to me a couple of weeks before Christmas last year. She's Momma's precious baby girl and the best gift I've ever received. She is my sunshine every day. :) The first pic is of her hiding from us and peeking out around the loveseat. It was her first night home and she was a little shy. She was 4 months old and weighed 4 lbs.

The next pic is of me holding my baby for the first time...

And here's another....

Here's her Daddy holding her on the first night home.....

I'm going to end this post with a pic of Dwayne & I at Hilton Head Island in September of last year...2008. I weighed around 270-275 lbs.

Quote For the Day:
"Success is sweet, the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats." -A. Bronson Alcott


  1. What a little Cutie, she is gorgeous:0)

    I am sorry to hear you had a bad weekend, especially after seeing your great post about Labour Day.. It is difficult when trying to eat healthily and you sweetheart isn't:0( I have had a few difficulties in that way with Ralph. He love pizzas, pork pies and cake. So do I but try not to have them most of the time. But I feel guilty if I stop him having what he likes.
    So I try to fit in with him sometimes... So I really do know how you are feeling.

    you can do it Tammy, we are travelling the same path and there are similarities, we can do it my friend.

    Big hugs


  2. Those pictures of your baby are adorable. And you're really pretty, Tammy. You've got a great smile. It's easy to see you're gonna become even prettier as you lose weight.

    Sorry you had such a rough day today, but you've gotta remember that eating well is one of the few things that you can control, even if it's hard, and it's gonna make you feel better when you do. Now get back on that wagon! :)

  3. Hey Tammy! Lovely pictures. How adorable is your puppy!
    Dont get to down on yourself.Get up dust yourself off and start again! I know you can do this! Go for your walks remember the reasons why you are fighting to lose this weight and you will feel better. You are doing se well. xox

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean about struggling to keep on track while all around you are indulging in the very things you love! It is so hard and you don't want to stand out or be a downer. A little trick I have is to not look at their food, but to look everywhere else. It helps (a bit!).

    Scarlette was an adorable puppy - and I really love those pics of you as well, you are so pretty.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  5. It's not easy to carve out your path when the one you love is eating all the things you really shouldn't have!

    I have to confess though, that when my friends dieted I didn't help them out. Maybe I wanted company eating donuts, etc!

    Today is a new day - you can get right back at it!

    BTW - that dog is darling, and you look great!

  6. Tammy - I'm up from my last weigh in, but we gotta keep plugging along, just keep doing the right things most of the time and changing habits and this weight WILL come off! Keep at it! And your doggie is an absolute doll! How many exclamation marks can I use in one comment!?

  7. Hopefully, you're having a better last couple of days. I totally get it ... about stressful days a eating sh*t. So easy to fall back isn't it? Something we just need to keep working at.

    Your Scarlet is sweet!

  8. Tammy,
    I just wanted to drop in and say something real quick...

    I'm so proud of you. You're doing this, and you're doing it despite all of the negative and outside influences that try to derail you. That's what grabbing ahold is all about. Deciding that no emotion, circumstance, person, place, special event, or thing will steal this from you.
    I know you haven't had the best days lately, but Tammy---You're going to win this deal, because you fully understand what I mean. This is yours my friend, this is yours and it can't be taken away.
    We're talkin' about your happiness, your life, we're talking about your LIFE.
    You're headed to a place Tammy, where self confidence flows like a river. A place where complete control and responsible eating isn't something you have to TRY, rather something that comes easily and naturally. You're headed to a place where you never feel self-conscious about your appearance. A place where you know you look and feel great and everybody else knows it too. You're headed to a place where the understanding of your past behaviors is so complete, it becomes like a gaurantee that you'll never return.
    People go back because they don't take the time to learn why they've always failed in the past. They don't take the time to analyze past attempts. You understand this, you can honestly look at your past and see where you went wrong. And can you feel it? You know...Can you feel how this time is different??? It's so different Tammy.
    I'm proud of you Tammy.
    Hold your head high, because you're on the high road my friend, you're on the way to an amazing place. I'll have a nice cold drink waiting for when you arrive.

    Not that I'm completely there yet myself, but I can see it in the distance!

    So much for "real quick" huh? LOL

    My best always Tammy
    Dang I've missed reading and commenting!!!!!!!!!

  9. You look so happy holding your new puppy - what a great gift!

    Sorry it's been such a rough go for you, eating-wise. I hear a lot of frustration in you post. I hope you can figure some way out to deal with other people eating crap all around you while not giving in to it. Hugs to you, you gorgeous woman!

  10. Love the pictures! You're doing great with posting them, too. Scarlette is just precious.

    It's a tough road we're on. Trying to stay on it is even harder when others around us are eating cr*p. Just remember that food is not healthy and that you want better for YOU. After a few more weeks your taste buds will change and that stuff won't be so tempting. Well, we can pray, can't we?!

    Hang in!

  11. Hello! Can I say that I just LOVE your dog? Oh, she's a baby for sure! You know I'm a sucker for those puppies! I wonder if she and my babies (Linus and Josie) would get along. I take my pups for walks with me sometimes. This gives them healthy benefits as well as me. Killing two birds with one stone I guess. Anyhow, I do the same thing with bad eating. I ruin Saturday so I always figure I might as well ruin Sunday. What is that about?