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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skinny Tammy Is Back!!!

I have great news everyone! The bingeing fog has lifted and I'm back in the game!! You're not going to believe what pulled me out of it. I watched The Biggest Loser tonight and it gave me the shove I needed. Yes, yes, I know...I trashed this show to death last Tuesday. However, I did say that I was sure the longer I watched it, the more I'd warm up to it. I just had no idea it would happen on the 2nd week!! But it did, and I'm so, so glad. I have Pam to thank for this....she asked me to watch the show with her this season, because it's been such an inspiration to her.

I will say that I still hate their outfits...that doesn't change. But if you watched tonight, then you noticed that there wasn't the same degrading yelling and screaming in the gym this time. That was very refreshing....and also proved my point from last week....you CAN motivate people to reach their goals WITHOUT screaming and cussing at them. Also, there was a segment where Jillian was talking with half the group about nutrition, etc. She actually seemed human....almost like she really CARED. Totally different from last week. That, too, was refreshing. It completely changed the tone of the show this week, and I was able to enjoy it, learn from it, and be inspired by it.

Bob was talking to Shay about why she was there. Her mom was a heroine addict and died from it. Shay has a LOT of emotional issues....she weighs over 400 lbs. She made a statement in talking to Bob where she said, "A lot of these pounds are wounds". Oh my goodness do I know what she's talking about. It put me in mind of one of my very first posts entitled "Healing Old Wounds". Here's an excerpt from that post:

" I am hoping that with each pound I leave behind it will act as a little dab of salve on the wounds that have been gaping open for so long. I want to heal. I want to be truly happy with myself for the first time. I want to love me."

I know that some people will say that you have to love yourself now....that you deserve to be happy now, just the way you are....that the number on the scale doesn't define who you are as a person, etc. I'm probably fixing to piss all of those people off with my next statement, lol.

Some of us fat people just don't feel that way. It can make sense in our minds...it can sound all warm and fuzzy...and we can even realize other good traits/characteristics about ourselves. But that doesn't mean that we know how to fully embrace the whole "love yourself NOW" concept. For some of us, these pounds ARE wounds....and for some of us, we do feel undeserving. We don't have to have a good reason for feeling that way, we just feel that way.

For some of us, we feel like getting this weight off and keeping it off will cause those wounds to close and finally start to heal. There will be scars left....reminders of what we went through and the terrible way we dealt with it...or didn't deal with it. The horribly abusive way we treated our bodies. But I'm hoping those scars will remind us to never go back the way we came. At least that's my prayer.

I know that for some of us, the weight is just a "surface problem".....you say that you just love food and you eat too much of it...a simple problem of needing to learn some self-control (although I think the # of people that it's that simplistic for is not very high). But for others, the reasons you got THIS fat go far, far deeper than just needing to learn self-control and correct portion sizes. Way deeper. For those people, and I am in this group, the mental/emotional work that needs to be done and the changes that need to be made are what's most important in these travels. That's the real issue here. The pounds falling off are just a result of working out the reasons you became obese in the first place. Yes, eating less and moving more cause you to drop the pounds. But learning how to reverse 20 year habits, thought processes, and developing new coping mechanisms are what's going to KEEP the weight off for me. It's what's going to keep me from going backwards.

Isn't that what we all want? To make this the last time that we ever have to lose the weight? To know that we will succeed, and then succeed at maintenance because of the things we learned and the work we did along the way? Who wants to be the blogger that has to post about a 50 lb. climb back up the scale, if they're still interested in accountability? Not me. That's for damn sure. It's not gonna' be me. I won't let it happen.

I slipped. Okay, I did more than slip. I took a friggin' head dive off the wagon. And boy do I have a nasty bump on my head. It hurts like heck, and I have a feeling it's going to hurt again when I step on the scale this Friday morning. I'll pay the piper, and then I'll laugh in his face on the next Friday's weigh-in. I re-visited my old way of life, and there are no words to accurately describe to you how depressing it was.

Here's what I learned. That's not me anymore. I'm tired of the stupid eating. I'm tired of the lack of control. I'm tired of not walking in the last 4 days. I'm disgusted with the bad eating. You wanna' know the crazy thing about the crappy eating these last few days? I didn't even enjoy any of it. Isn't that crazy??? I ate some of the same things that I used to eat before I started learning to eat healthier, and they just don't taste the same. Same stuff, totally different taste. How weird is that? Here's the other thing. They used to comfort and satisfy me. I haven't felt any comfort or any satisfaction in the last few days. I've felt miserable....I was going backwards and I hated it.

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I miss 166 calorie breakfast casserole. I miss cantaloupe and cottage cheese. I miss 87 calorie a cup chicken soup. I miss turkey burgers. I miss 32 oz. glasses of water. I miss a sweat-soaked shirt after a long, hard walk. I miss the pride I feel when I progress how far I'm walking from one week to the next. I miss scouring my low cal/low fat recipe books for yummy, healthy recipes. I miss being able to look in the mirror in the morning and smile back at myself...instead of having to look away from shame. I miss laying my head down on the pillow at night, and thinking back on all the great choices I made that day, and the restraint I exercised, instead of laying there in misery in a carb-filled fog.

It's time to get back to the things I miss. I'm the only one keeping myself from it. The only one standing in my way is Fat Tammy and even as I type this, I'm plotting her demise, lol. Her days are numbered. All the comments I received from my last post were just beyond awesome. I hope you guys know that I care just as much about you and the work you're trying to do, as you do about me and my crazy travels. I was feeling like a ship on a stormy sea that lost all of it's bearings and had been blown off course. You guys are my lighthouse. Along with the inspiration I drew from the show tonight, your kind comments and the private emails I received guided me back on course. You didn't leave me....your light shone bright....and you waited for me to take hold of the wheel again. Well I'll have you know that as soon as I finish typing this post, I'm super-glueing both hands to that wheel.

I'm very excited to do my post tomorrow night so I can report how many miles I walked at the park. I know how bad it's going to hurt...."pain is just weakness leaving the body"....I'm expecting to fully feel every ounce of weakness that I purge from this big, fat, lazy body. I'm going to pay for my sins from these last 5 days. I managed to walk 3.5 miles last Friday, but not one step since then. That's okay. When I get done, I get to enjoy the sticky feel of my sweaty shirt clinging to my fat rolls, and the aroma of smelling like hot garbage on my drive home to a welcoming shower. I'm looking forward to the feel and smell of a successful day. :)

Quote For The Day:

"Failure? I've never encountered it.......only temporary setbacks." -Bill Marriott, Marriott Hotels


  1. YaYYaYYYAYYYY I knew she would be back!!!
    She is too beautiful not to survive and thrive.

    You Go Girl!!!



  2. Hallelujah, she has seen the light mayo! Lol! So glad you're back with a vengence, my friend!

  3. By the way, I have also awarded you the Honest Scrap award on my blog!

  4. Your quote says it all - can't let one setback ruin the whole deal. Glad you're back on the wagon!

  5. Tammy,
    You always inspire and motivate and sometimes even make me laugh. This time you made me cry. In a good way,lol. I truly needed this , so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Everything you wrote about in this post really struck home.
    I'm glad Skinny Tammy is back! I knew she would be.:-)

  6. THANK YOU for expressing so well what it feels like to lapse, not enjoying it, but doing it anyway. I live in fear of that every day, because it does seem to be out of one's control. Congratulations on being back!

  7. Wonderful that you were able to really put into words how you were feeling, and also great that you have turned the corner!!

  8. I watched the show last night too and found it much less offensive than the first week. Yes, even a little motivating--yet still sensationalism.lol

    That love yourself now thing? I didn't love myself at 282.5, but I had a small ember inside. As I started losing, it grew--and one day I realized that I really do love myself "now" and that I wasn't so bad. It took several pounds to get there, though.

    My pounds are my wounds, too. I so get that.

    I'm so glad you're feeling motivated and inspired. =)

  9. Woo-hoo! Happy dance!

    Better habits and better thinking. What more could you ask for? :)

    Proud o'you, girlie!! :D

  10. I fell off the same wagon...darn that wagon! Fat Brittany is still hanging around. She disappears all day long and then rears her ugly head at night. She brings me Chinese and Pizza and Doughnuts and Wheat Thins. I am encouraged by this wonderful post! I too miss sweating and portion-control. Greasy meat and heavy carbs make me feel almost sick inside! I'm ready to banish fat Brittany!

  11. Hi Tammy. What a great post! This shows real progress - you are so strong and in such a good place right now. You are healing already and each step you take just increases the good feelings. Everything that you are doing for yourself to get better is an act of love towards you and the changes are psychological as well as physical. Brilliant!

    I'm so so happy for you!

    Best wishes,
    BEearfriend xx

  12. I'm so glad your back:) It is so hard...but we can do it!:) I enjoyed the nutrition part of BL too..I wish they would go into more detail about what they eat as well as the exercise portion...I think that would help alot of people:) Keep up the good work girl:)

  13. Mmm...hot garbage. I always like it when my thighs stick together from the sweatiness as I'm driving home. Good stuff. XD

  14. WOW, you found your way back quickly and learned something!!! Great post and great inspiration. It seems like a lot of bloggers fell off the wagon this week. How great to learn from our mistakes!!!

  15. What a great post! I feel it and it makes me feel great to know that I am not the only one having heart felt blog posts today LOL Your ont he right track!!

  16. So glad to see your back on your feet and ready to keep fighting the good fight. It's a hard battle we have all chosen. You are not alone, and you are not doing bad when you feel yourself sliding. You are human, and your doing a damn good job at it :)

  17. It was a strange feeling when I realized that I looked forward to my Greek yogurt/strawberries/cereal combination for breakfast - I knew the tide had turned. So glad to hear it's turned for you as well!!!

  18. What an awesome post!! I felt inspired just reading it!